Elite Interiors: Luxury Interiors With Comfort

The studio we bring you today, from the Inspiring Design Professionals series, is specialized in creating a phenomenal atmosphere in unique residences: Elite Interiors.

Established in 2005, Elite Interiors is a studio based in Cyprus that focuses not only on interior design and architecture but also on the trading industry.

Behind Elite Interiors, you will find Irina Charalambous, an inspiring interior designer that leads this studio with passion and professionalism. For this reason, we bring you the outcome of a lovely conversation between Domkapa and Irina, which brought us some marvellous insights we are excited to share with you.

Who is Irina Charalambous?

Since she was four years old, Irina always loved drawing on the wall of her parent’s room. But, of course, she was scolded so she found a way of keep doing it under the seats of the chairs. So smart, right?

Having an entire background in the art world, after her graduation, Irina started her first career project for a friend, designing the successful Khlestakov restaurant, decor inspired by the 19th century and dedicated to the writer Nikolay Gogol.

“The whole project was drawn by hand, we made huge layouts and elevations in colours and hung them on the walls for the builders to implement.”

The feedback was awesome – everyone loved the restaurant’s design. This was the entryway for Irina to start dreaming of opening her own company, which happened two years later. Irina started developing the business from scratch and, year after year, the business got stronger.

Even having to work on the weekends or having to sacrifice her lunch breaks, nowadays the interior designer puts her whole heart into her work: “My work makes me truly happy, because I realize myself through beautiful projects, contacts with interesting people, and on top of everything to be a happy mother and wife, and make my family happy too”, she says.

Irina Charalambous finds herself inspired during her travels. Absorbing local traditions, styles and colours, all her projects have a little piece borrowed from over 40 countries and she is not planning to stop!

When it comes to design trends, the interior design project is not affected by them. However, she finds new ideas and challenges in them, providing the project with her own touch. The final result is always something that feels exclusive and luxurious, but also comfortable and functional.

During the interview, we also had the chance of learning more about the project Irina is most proud of: the Villa Santa Barbara Residence, with more than 3000 square meters. It was implemented entirely according to her bravest ideas:

“There is absolutely unique equipment inside, a snow cabin, a 40-ton marine aquarium, a steam bath made entirely of glass and much more. The very form of the 5-storey building is symbolic – it is a yacht in the sea.

I got this project in a very challenging state: old construction with three slabs and columns. One skeleton of the building and nothing more. It needed to be completely renovated. Then we completely re-planned everything: the indoor and outdoor pools, used acrylic glass for the pool walls, and solar panels; and the top floor was designed and built fully new.

It was a complicated and large-scale project, which was internationally recognized and received a number of prestigious awards.”

This project was also the most challenging project in her career: the hard work and full self-devotion were her way to overcome the challenge that was finalised to be enchanting. If you didn’t have the opportunity of appreciating this work of art, please make yourself this favour and run to Elite Interior’s website!

Nowadays, Irina works on many projects, converting her ideas from her last travel to Tanzania into colour combinations and design options, making her clients’ lives into something better, happier and more comfortable.

“That is why we can consider our job as an art, and art is forever.”

Irina is truly inspiring. Exceptional. Counting almost 25 years of experience, Irina still looks for ways to develop herself by sharing experiences with her colleagues and partners or even visiting exhibitions and seminars. After all, in an ever-changing environment as the design industry is, someone that is always up to date has his path to success almost done.

This way, working directly with her customers, Irina Charalambous and the remarkable Elite Interiors are always available to make your home feel cosier and more sophisticated, as you like.

“We loved the products of Domkapa for the design and materials used as well affordable price. We started a collaboration just a few months ago and hope to have a very long and successful cooperation.”

At Domkapa, we are proud to work with successful designers that are interested in their client’s needs and personalities and Elite Interiors is no different. Elite Interiors is one of the most inspiring interior design studios you should meet for yourself!

Image Credits: Elite Interiors

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