A Breathtaking Bedroom Design With A Chic Style

The design of a bedroom makes such a big difference in your client’s lifestyle! For this reason, it is important to stay inspired and to gather all the information you need to conceive the perfect bedroom for the owner.

And what can you do with all this information? How can you go from the client’s perspective to his design expectation? Well, first we advise you to go for mood boards, which will help you to find the right colours, materials and finishes for the bedroom.

Luckily, you have Domkapa to help you in anything you may need to conceive the perfect interior design project – the one you are most proud of.

The chosen colour palette, materials, and finishes for this bedroom were not just a coincidence. We wanted something that is calming, that exudes peace and cosiness for everyone in it. And its mood board reflects precisely that: a comfortable atmosphere with some neutral colours contrasting with other vivid ones for personality.

When it comes to furniture, functionality is important and that’s why we decided to select pieces with a function leaving behind all the adornments that could make this bedroom design too much. A minimal perspective that enchants.

This master bedroom is composed of Echo Bed as the main character of this minimal but interesting movie about how important attention to the smallest details is. This statement piece is accompanied by Mano Side Table and the beautiful Elba Armchair for relaxing moments.

Concerning the main feature of the design, Echo Bed has the right enveloping lines enhanced by an incredible aesthetic and fine tailoring.

A fabric structure of velvet Clarence BS5 and fabric piping of synthetic leather Rupert Terra was enough to turn Echo Bed flawless in this bedroom – a beautiful combination that only could be possible with Domkapa’s sample box. When it comes to customization, you can find this lovely bed in different dimensions and finishes.

It is the perfect solution if you are looking to incorporate sophistication in moments of intimacy and shelter thanks to its elegant wings and delicate piping that embellish the upholstery. Can’t you see yourself in the endless comfort of the Echo?

Along with Echo, Mano Side Table balances aesthetic and functionality, not only for its purpose but also because of its harmonious craftwork design that cannot go unnoticed. Its standard round structure is fully upholstered in natural leather Albany Coimbra with a Black Lacquered Matte top for a marvellous touch reflected by high-end production skills. In this ambience, it features a top of fumé oak matte to combine with all the other exquisite materials.

Mano Side Table always make us remember that we don’t need a design full of adornments to get the home decor of our dreams. You can simply pick a furniture piece with simple lines that will do wonders for you.

This beautiful, minimalistic approach is finished by Elba Armchair and its ottoman.

Elba Armchair is timeless and so is its design. With an egg shape, this piece reveals generous shapes and a sleek look. It has an incredible feature: not only is the base a triangle shape handmade in stainless steel but it also swivels, so you can position where you want to face and play around a 360º base.

Originally produced with natural leather Desna Trufa (structure), weaves Helmand 11 (pillows) and rose gold polished (base); Elba Armchair shows up on this lovely aesthetic combining natural leather Desna Polvere and dark bronze polished stainless steel.

A unique answer for the most demanding comfort needs is here and, as soon as you get it, you will know why.

Elegance is in the smallest details. It is present in the location of each piece, it is on the walls, on the floor, on accessories and on textiles. And you can place it everywhere with Domkapa’s upholstery offer. After all, we work every day to give you the right furniture for your interior design projects to succeed.

Dare yourself to see some of our designs at Decorex International and enjoy a unique experience provided by our team. Our successful journey could only happen with you by our side and, this time, it is our turn to thank you for the incredible moments you provided us. Book a meeting and celebrate design with Domkapa at Olympia London’s stand F155.

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