A Charming Identity In A Bedroom Design

A cozy modern aesthetic in a bedroom design is all about incorporating comfort, high-quality materials, and the best artisans. And that’s what we brought you: a timeless upholstery selection you won’t forget.

The perfect amount of comfort and style was given to this bedroom, perfectly blending the color scheme and textures. As you can see, an unusual combination of pieces brings out the best of the architectural structure of the space.

We aim every day to give you the right interior design inspiration as well as all the materials you need to create memorable interiors. After all, interior design makes the world even more beautiful, right? Join us and find out all about this lovely bedroom design!

Starting with the center of attention, Shelby Bed presents herself with Weaves Logone 10 and Microfibers Tarn 15.

Inspired by the geometric lines, angles, and shapes we all love, Shelby Bed features an upholstered frame complemented by the upholstered structure and its lines. This highly functional piece will ensure you a comfortable and refined discovery journey through an illusion of dimension, making your room look bigger.

Originally made in Microfibers Tarn 22 and 02, Shelby Bed guarantees perfect comfort while keeping your bedroom project harmonious and stylish.

Discreetly next to Shelby Bed, you can find the Inside Side Table, made with Walnut Matte and Black Texturized Steel to look perfect in this bedroom design.

This side table is part of the Inside Family composed of two side tables and one coffee table that will fulfill all your project needs thanks to its functionality. Placing it in a living room or even in a bedroom design will make no difference because of its unique look.

Inside Family has one characteristic in common: the texturized steel legs with an x-shape base creating an optical illusion. You can find a lot of quality side tables in other brands, but we are sure that you won’t find anything so sophisticated as this one!

The top is available in wood and stainless steel, guaranteeing an exclusive look in every finish you choose. You already know: a contemporary design with an industrial sense for the most demanding scenarios.

And Angles Pouf can’t be unnoticed! It is the statement piece every project must have.

Originally made in microfibers Tarn 13, this fully upholstered design and its funky pleats are the characters of this lavish piece that promises to be eye-catching and fun to combine with other shapes.

With a peculiar shape, the material microfibers Tarn 15 were chosen to fit flawlessly in this bedroom design embodying comfort and boldness together in one piece.

This statement pouf has a playful shape that can be combined with any other fully upholstered piece.

An unforgettable story of grace, comfort, and sophistication inspired the creation of Ruth Chair.

Placed in this design with Weaves Arno 01 and Walnut Stained Ash, the Ruth Chair is distinguished by its soft shapes and sleek design.

An ergonomic and convex backrest complements the wood frame and clean-cut lines and the cover was originally made with microfibers Tarn 17 and Fumé Stained Beech – but, of course, you can change it with any textile or leather chosen from the wide range of Domkapa’s collection.

On the inner part of the back, two seams gracefully gall to join the seat cushion, resembling the beautiful silhouette of the human body.

Sometimes less is more and Ruth is here to ensure that you remember, giving attention to its details while creating a timeless classic.

With simple lines and a sophisticated look provided by natural light and the right color schemes, this bedroom design will provide you with all the comfort and cosmopolitan feel your interior design project needs. A tempting solution for all professionals.

Find these pieces and the rest of our new collection in our interactive catalogue.

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