A Cherished Lounge Area Design

The good weather is coming and, with it, a summer infusion breaks this lounge area to make us want to celebrate this lovely gold dust. These radiant, warming hues injected into an interior design project will change the whole vibe of the space for the better and that is how you are going to feel after enjoying this lounge area made with Louise Family.

This broken-plan living is all about the clever use of space, using it in an inventing way through optimistic shades seeking to find cherished moments with friends and family in a lounge area with a small but gleeful.

So if you’re in the mood for a cosy night in, this article is not the most adequate for you. This is how you can party with your loved ones in style. The music starts… now!

This lounge area has the opportunity to present the refined taste of the Louise Family. Providing a very sophisticated personality, this family is composed of a chair, a bar chair and a counter stool for the most demanding needs. A gorgeous gift was given by Domkapa’s design team.

Starting with the smallest one, Louise Chair is joy and a strong statement of comfort. It exhales confidence and character allied to simple lines.

The back and seat are fully upholstered with natural leather Desna Agave for a relaxing experience while the wooden legs of fumé stained ash finish the exquisiteness of the design. The slightly curvy back will assure a cosy experience with a daring design including golden brushed stainless-steel nails.

In this lounge area, Louise Chair is presented in a patterned fabric named Verdon 02 in its structure, combined with legs of fumé stained beech and simple but brilliant details of gold brushed stainless steel.

Its simple yet sophisticated lines match any decor and enhance the room. We know: you are imagining that you’re seated on Louise Chair, right? That is the kind of effect we want to transmit in every detail of Domkapa’s collection.

Try Louise Bar Chair, recover from the chaos of everyday life and dive into this lounge area. Enjoy a delicious drink and let your feelings control you. This safe space is only possible with the curvature of this marvellous yet simple design piece.

Its round edges, completed by golden nails, will satisfy the desire for a happy place as the welcoming trend proclaims.

Originally, Louise Bar Chair is upholstered in weaves Helmand 10, with legs in natural ash, a footrest in polished stainless steel and, of course, some lovely details in brushed gold stainless steel. But this bar chair doesn’t let us get bored! In this lounge area, it runs away from its flawless standard materials to give us a little bit of fun and dare – this seating piece shows up in natural leather desna scarlet, legs of fumé stained ash and polished stainless steel.

Louise Bar Chair’s simple lines are responsible for the juicy flavour, perfect to get stuck into the brighter season. A truly timeless feeling being the major player in 2022 for a sustainable summer.

We said Louise, the sweetest girl. And the emotions delivered by this lounge area will swirl.

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