A Comforting Earthy Tones Wave In A Living Room Design

Today we bring you a gorgeous living room with some earth tones to inspire you endlessly thanks to a colour palette related to nature, especially in autumn. Contemporary designs are only possible when you perfectly blend the right curvature, the right colours and especially the image of the owner’s lifestyle.

This living room looks gorgeous because of the harmony between Stella Sofa, Pearl Armchair, Ada Pillow and Mano Coffee Table. This selection invokes a sense of comfort through a warm atmosphere.

Between this rich scheme, Stella Sofa presents itself in Weaves Columbia Nata with a base of Walnut Stained Ash when it is produced originally in Velvet Aldan 2928 with the same materials on the base.

We are not going to lie: Stella Sofa is made for unique decorations. As you can see, it features curvy lines with a deep convex back for sophistication, perfect even if you have a small space to decorate. It rests on a wooden base but the highlight goes for the gentle piping from top to bottom of its back – a great illusion that allows your client to welcome guests.

This modern sofa’s enveloping lines and generous proportions have the pleasure to be close to Ada Pillow which, as you may know, is the perfect accessory for every design.

It features three different fabrics and it is available in four distinct versions for a unique result: Almond, Moss, Ocean and Rose. Ada Pillow Almond’s square shapes look wonderful in this living room design because it is versatile and provide all the comfort we all look for in a pillow.

Earth or neutral tones will do wonders in every plan and they will impress your client with such great taste. It is a safe choice if you’re in the middle of the process of creating a luxurious amazing design.

Speaking of safe choices, Pearl Armchair may not be one of them but is surely the most elegant one.

This brilliant armchair holds an exclusive language, and it will transport you with a peculiar design full of comfort. With a deep convex back, this piece presents a big and round seat. The inner part of the back includes several lines stitched across the piece, which is a perfect combination of durability, ergonomics, and style. A small pillow is included with this armchair to make sure to have all the lumbar support needed.

Presented in Microfibers Tarn 05 and Gold Polished Stainless Steel, this statement piece will give you an unforgettable sense of romance.

This trendy living room exhales nature and inspires creativity.

This mystic found in the great outdoors is brought to the inside with Mano Coffee Table, from the Mano Family.

Looking beautiful in Natural Leather Albany Coimbra and Natural Walnut, Mano looks beautiful even in unexpected ambiences. Whether you wish for a traditional sense or a modern home, Mano offers the stunning effect you didn’t know you needed. This coffee table stands out amongst the neutrality of this living room design, complementing it with functionality in style.

This living room design will lead to lovely conversations with guests and memorable moments so you better don’t miss this opportunity of changing your client’s life!

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