A Dining Room That Brings Back Gold Memories

Here is an inspiring dining room that will surely raise your spirits. It shows us how to bring irreverent luxury blending warm tones with a bright sense. The special part goes for the minimum amount of furniture: it has only what we would need to bring together our family and friends to create good moments and taste special meals, right?

This is proof that only one piece can give character to the whole room. Can you guess the piece we are talking about?

That’s right: Carter Chair.

Well, you may not know Carter as much as we do. It is from our most recent collection, launched this year, and we can assure you that it is melting hearts worldwide.

This upholstery chair has a forward-thinking design with a traditional sense that brings back old memories of happiness. Carter Chair looks wonderful in this dining room design as it provides a homely feeling with its natural materials and warm colours. As you can see, the industrial-vibe ambience turns into a comfortable and cosy one because of the selection of upholstery.

A dining room that does not bring only gold memories but also a lesson: make sure that every piece is chosen perfectly for the rest of the room. Lovely!

Regarding the main character, Carter combines perfectly traditional and contemporary lines. It is delicacy, thickness and comfort, as you can always expect from Domkapa.

It already travelled the world since it was launched and you had the opportunity to find it in Maison&Objet 2022, as an office chair – which brings one more quality of this lovely chair: functionality.

This chair is characterized by a solid yet comfortable seat cushion resting on a solid wood structure. Across the upholstered chair, double-top stitching divides the back of the piece for a timeless look.

Also, our design team is so talented that it is prepared to fit in a hotel and other commercial projects – not only in home settings! Which makes it versatile and the go-to piece for every project style.

Comfort is not only in high-quality materials but also in design and this dining room is no different. Carter Chair plays a special role in this room, turning a cold space into a cheerful one and we would love to know your thoughts about this chair! Contact us and let us know, your feedback is important for us!


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