A Fun Twist by Stranger Family

Every interior design project starts with a desire for a fine balance between comfort, aesthetics and functionality, don’t you agree? Today we bring you an example of what it can be, provided by Stranger.

By mixing colours from the Stranger Family, different patterns and some botanical splashes, this lovely ambience shows us how you can blend these characteristics with no effort. After all, at Domkapa you can expect nothing but excellence and products tailored made to fit your needs and taste.

If you’re a comfort lover, we invite you to take a look at this space full of simplicity and modernism with a fun twist.

This room has no clutter and that’s what makes it so special. It is a minimalistic space where the ideas flow while the upholstery sets a nice combination. And that’s where the fun starts.

As you can see, Stranger Family makes a statement.

And Stranger Chair turns into the focal point of any project easily, for its peculiar shapes and metal structure.

The robust black texturized steel tubes of the structure contrast with the delicate upholstered seat, backrest, and armrest. All the details are combined so you can enjoy an extra comfortable seating experience.

Speaking of details, we can assure you that Stranger Chair is the perfect choice for your project, especially with this selection of fabrics: Stranger is upholstered in weaves Logone 01, natural leather Desna Brandy, Synthetic Leather Oder 662/05 while the black texturized steel supports the seating along with some details in gold brushed stainless steel. Magical, right?

Stranger Chair‘s symmetrical shapes add a twist of fun to the decor.

While the chair provides fun, the bar and counter chairs are more than that. Stranger Bar & Counter Chair brings us to a discussion of how wonderful is this design – for the touch and for the eye.

Upholstered in weaves Logone 851, natural leather Desna Royal Blue supported by black texturized steel with some lovely details of brushed stainless steel, Stranger Bar & Counter Chairs are something you have never seen before.

The robust metal structure of the Stranger bar and counter chairs gives this design powerful and impacting energy, like a symbol of strength. The slight curvy lines of the back and seat were conceived thinking about providing the best of a comfortable yet empowering seat. The upholstered arms will provide extra comfort and relaxation.

A furniture selection with strong lines and fun shapes can do wonders and this ambience is here to tell us how.

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