A Lush Bedroom Design

When buying new furniture for your bedroom, it’s okay if you feel a bit overwhelmed with so many pieces of furniture available in the market that would perfectly fit the design. Today we want to show you how to create a timeless, classy and lush interior design for your bedroom.

The chosen furniture turned this modern bedroom into a lush one, being perfect for anyone who wants to have a stylish bedroom. A combination of Amanda Bed, Megan Armchair and Taylor Collection upgraded the sense of industrial design that follows you around the room.

Functionality, style, colour and comfort are the four pillars of a proper bedroom design and these ones offer you all in one. Check out more about what this bedroom conveys to you!

Presented in natural leather Desna Polvere, weaves Arno 50 and Black Ash, Amanda Bed is an outstanding design inspired by the contemporary traces we all love.

It is originally made in microfibers Tarn 01, weaves Helmand 05 and Oak Fumé and is available in various sizes and customizable in every material and finish.

Elevated from the ground, Amanda Bed is characterized by its wide upholstered headboard with vertical double-top stitching and integrated wooden bedside tables on both sides. The headboard can be upholstered in two different fabrics giving this piece a unique personality for the most exquisite bedrooms.

Amanda Bed is the special design your project needs.

Regardless of your choices on the design of your bedroom, you will have to consider many aspects such as the size, shape, and the amount of storage room you have; but keep in mind that the furniture is also important since it affects the comfort level of your sleeping area.

This modern bedroom is complemented by one of the most versatile armchairs in our upholstery collection: Megan Armchair.

A Lush Bedroom Design | Megan Armchair by Domkapa

Made in weaves Columbia Brick and Fumé Stained Ash, this beautiful seating piece offers an appealing modern aesthetic in every room it stands.

In this lovely bedroom, Megan has a distinctive and minimal style with different materials and finishes, such as weaves Logone 851 and Fumé Stained Ash.

This is an aesthetic element as well as a practical solution to your everyday living needs. With a wooden structure, the deep convex backflows into the armrests in a harmonious craftwork design. It also features two single-top stitching for extra comfort.

Defined by enveloping lines and soft curves, the Megan Armchair is the go-to choice for both residential and public venues thanks to its timeless design that never goes out of style.

Matching this blue-hued bedroom design, the same modern aesthetic shows up with the lovely chest of drawers Taylor, which is part of the Taylor Collection, in Black Ash and microfibers Tarn 03. It is here to show you how you can get it separately.

Originally produced in Moka Matte Lacquered and microfibers Tarn 05, the Taylor Bedroom Collection is a set of three pieces for a cozy decor: a nightstand, a tall dresser and a chest of drawers.

The structure is mainly made of wood but the highlight goes to one side. This side is upholstered in a fabric of your choosing upgrading the final result to a combination of great taste and exquisite materials.

Every element tells an intriguing story, evoking a modern feel.

Just as you are influenced by colours, shapes and textures, so is the bedroom one of our biggest inspiration sources. Both calm and soothing, this bedroom is perfect for serene and relaxed moments thanks to this harmonious composition.

Step into one of the references in the upholstery world and get to know all our pieces in our Interactive Catalogue.

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