A Multifunctional Dining Room With A Forward-Thinking Design

There are a million ways for you to level up your interior design project or even your home decor, you just need the right inspiration. For this reason, today we bring you this special interior design ambiance that features Essential Chair and Greta Armchair in a homely space full of warm tones.

There’s something special when an interior designer commits to a new project. You have to be willing to open up and explain to him your personality, your taste, and especially your lifestyle so you can receive a space conceived just for you – a unique room where you’re going to be the rest of your life.

This room was designed for the ones who like to read a good book with a view and, at the same time, a delicious meal with family and friends – a multifunctional space that claims perfectly paired tones that reflect the individual’s life and style.

Essential Chair

Essential Chair

In the main dining room, a combination of Essential Chairs is presented for a clean look. An ambiance where the simple architecture prevails combined with wide windows that brings nature in is needed if you want a soothing atmosphere.

A combination of walnut stained ash is here to combine the desire for natural materials and a sophisticated touch was brought by its natural leather desna cappuccino in a dining room

Essential Chair was born to represent the minimalist design thanks to its straight lines. Characterized by wooden feet and back support, the square upholstered seat and backrest feature horizontal single-top stitching across the fabric.

Celebrating symmetrical shapes combined with contemporary comfort, Essential Chair can match any sophisticated dining room and it holds a specialness that cannot go unnoticed.

Essential Chair

Some people get rid of a stressful day in bed, reading a good book. Other people prefer to read somewhere in a quiet, peaceful space. And this reading corner was chosen to take the maximum potential of the multifunctional dining room and to enjoy this palette of colors inspired by a new wave of earth tones incorporated with nature elements that will work wonders if you want to go timeless.

Yes, that’s right. The brick used on the floor is not a coincidence. This is the pure characterization of what interior design is going to be in 2022 and Greta Armchair is part of this meeting between trendy design and convenience.

Greta Armchair

Perfect harmony was introduced with this magnificent design piece – Greta Armchair. The four-leg structure is presented in wood while the seat, back, and armrest are fully upholstered. It is available in two versions: with a lower back, with legs made of black ash and upholstered in velvet neva 2206; and the higher back version with weaves helmand 05 with fumé stained beech legs.

But we didn’t want to break any magic, so the pictured materials are: weaves columbia brick and walnut stained ash for a comfortable piece where we want to be seated all day.

Greta measured proportions perfectly balance thickness and straight lines for a beautiful aesthetic result. Across this ergonomic piece, many stitching is found to increase its durability and charm.

And the best: infinite customization options are available to make sure Greta Armchair is the perfect solution for your multifunctional dining room design project.

Greta Armchair

This is, surely, a glamorous expression of what the interior design trends for 2022 will bring us and this look will make you fall in love every single time you experience it.

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