A Pouf Selection For The Most Demanding Needs

A Pouf is always a wonderful choice for the most demanding needs – you can choose them as an extra seat, as we are used to, but it has other uses, such as a footrest for a relaxing moment, as a coffee table or even as a bedroom bench.

Suitable for residential or commercial projects, this functional piece provides a welcoming atmosphere in every environment without using too much space. And, best of all, since a pouf is smaller than a sofa, it is the perfect timing if you want to place a bold twist in a modern home – the design will be effective and everyone will recognise your talent.

These poufs will level up your design game. Place them in your interior design projects and you will have the opportunity to sense the power of multi-purpose furniture.

Angles Pouf

Angles Pouf is bold from the top to the base. Fully upholstered with microfibers Tarn 13, it has a peculiar shape combined with funky pleats to provide a fun accent to the mix.

This lavish piece promises to be eye-catching and fun to combine with other shapes. The details make a statement as well and Angles Pouf embodies comfort and boldness together in one piece.

Low Pouf

Low Pouf is fully upholstered with microfibers Tarn 11 and composed of a wooden base of walnut-stained ash. As its name suggests, it adds a lot to the space without overwhelming it – you won’t push the room over the top and yet, you will have a classic design.

If you want to go modern, this round subtle shape will do the trick for you, with materials that make you sure that is an eternal piece. The gentle pleats along the side are present to bring extra elegance to the design that can be easily adapted to any kind of project.

Low Pouf can be combined with any other statement piece.

Zigzag Pouf

Zigzag will introduce a hint of unconventional, eclectic flair to your space. It is fully upholstered and features horizontal and vertical pleats of velvet Clarence BS 7 to embellish it – an easy way to add a mystical style to your interior.

Zigzag Pouf gives character, being adaptable to any place.

Rachel Pouf

Rachel Pouf is discreet and delicate in every detail. Extra comfort is one of the best complementary items that Domkapa offers, and it is not missed in Rachel.

With two different dimensions to fulfil your needs, you can expect it to have velvet Clarence BS 32 with black ash on the large size; and a patterned fabric such as Verdon 03 and fumé stained beech on the small size.

This round-shaped design combines lavish pleats on the side to give the personality and versatility we all expect, promising to enchant.

Kate Pouf

Poufs are not overrated and Kate Pouf shows you why. It is the ultimate comfortable experience to be added to any project and it comes in two sizes for you to choose what suits you better. Kate is versatile and simple which gives you the liberty of making it part of any room as a complimentary item or even to be a statement piece.

The large size is made of velvet Aldan 2932 and the smallest one is produced in weaves Columbia Toffee and they can easily be adapted to every style.

Grant Pouf

Finally, one of our last additions to our 2022 collection: Grant Pouf.

Grant Pouf is as comfy as it looks stylish. The construction of Grant skillfully combines aesthetics and ergonomics to establish this as the go-to solution for every design project. Designed for various functions, Grant is available in three different sizes to accomplish the final look you’ve always dreamed of. It features elegant piping in each corner of the piece, gracefully matching the two contrast piping that carefully hugs the entire pouf.

Grant Pouf is a classic and elegant shape without giving up ergonomic comfort.

Poufs are portable, versatile, comfortable, and stylish and not every furniture piece fits this description. We would love to know which one is your favourite and how would you style it!


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