A Seductive Power For Your Dining Room Decor

Every dining room design needs an upholstery piece that stands out from the other ones. Well, we brought you two brilliant ideas: Camille Chair and Camille Bar Chair.

This surprising composition finds its balance through the softness of the shapes, its contrasting textures and the matching colour schemes that fit perfectly in this ambience with a nature-inspired aesthetic.

Here, every detail makes the design and you are going to find it out in the first minute you appreciate this lovely dining room décor. So here is how you can shape your own dining room design inspired by the beautiful shades of this one:

The main subject is Camille Family so you don’t need to bother thinking about its surroundings. This family looks perfect in every style and every room, we can assure you.

Starting with the smallest one, Camille Chair.

To fit in this decoration, we decided to make a few changes to its materials and finishes. This way, Camille Chair’s structure was customized in microfibers Tarn 13 having legs of fume stained beech and some details in gold polished stainless steel. However, originally, it is produced in velvet Neva 2222 in its structure, having legs of black ash and feet of rose gold polished. We are sure this can prove to you our ability to fit in every style and our possibilities for customization.

Camille Chair promises splashes of refinement, combining singularity and functionality. Standing on four sophisticated legs, Camille is a pleasant touch of luxury to any room. The comfortable structure and seat can be customized in various materials and finishes.

With its delicate pleats on the backrest, Camille Chair embraces the classic cosmopolitan of a fine chair offering an extra cosy experience.

From the same family, Camille Bar Chair has a lavish design.

It is present in this dining décor customised with microfibers Tarn 22, fume stained beech on its legs and feet in gold polished stainless steel – matching with its sister in a flawless way, right? The standard version of this handcrafted bar chair has a structure of microfibers Tarn 17, having the same materials on the legs and feet.

It is available in two different dimensions: bar chair and counter chair that can be combined to fulfil a coherent design.

This special bar chair is the perfect alliance of sophistication and comfort, satisfying the most demanding needs. The elegance of the wooden legs together with golden metal feet and footrest make sure that this is the statement piece every project aims for.

This is the secret to having a dining room design with an exclusive feeling and a cosy atmosphere without ever giving up on comfort. Extreme simplicity and a contemporary aesthetic can do wonders and this seductive power is here to show you why. What do you have to say about this interior design inspiration?

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