A Traditional Flair In A Modern Design By Carter Family

As you already know, functionality is the key for a sensational interior design project that follows. However, from the decorative elements to the furniture arrangement, it must have endless comfort in mind as well. Otherwise, you won’t develop a space that matches your personality (we all look for comfort, don’t we?). Creating an exceptional design is an easy task if you have Carter Family and today we will show you why. Meet Carter Chair and Carter Bar Chair!

Carter Chair

Starting with Carter Chair, one thing is guaranteed: you will never get tired of it. Every time you try this wonder, you will have something new to discover.

Its development came from the desire to have something that is classic and, at the same time, modern, bringing purity into an interior design with a daring twist. Carter represents the perfect combination between traditional and contemporary lines, while thickness and delicacy provide an exclusive flair to the piece.

Across the upholstered chair, you will be able to find a double-top stitching dividing the back for a timeless look. Its solid yet comfortable seat is rested on a solid wood structure making it an ideal piece for a residential or even commercial project.

Along the years, we have been watching close the stunning outcome of picking Carter Chair for your projects; we received amazing feedback when you tried this piece during trade shows we participated in. We saw the potential and designed something you can complement it with, enhancing the elegance and sophistication you need.

Carter Bar & Counter Chairs

From our new collection, dear readers, meet Carter Bar & Counter Chairs. When it comes to forward-thinking design, this outstanding just goes the extra mile.

Blending contemporary design with the essence of tradition, Carter Bar & Counter Chairs highlight the timelessness of every bar interior design.

Like Carter Chair, the bar & counter stool has double-top stitching dividing its back while its solid wood structure relays an exclusive feel, perfect for every style and room. These beautiful pieces are distinguished for a versatile, classic appearance.

Nothing beats simplicity and Carter Family makes use of traditional lines to provide a serene atmosphere, where every detail makes the design. It makes you feel like home and we dare you to try it.

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