An Entryway Design For A Great First Impression

Oh, the entryway! It is such an essential place for you to get a stunning first impression! People always tell you “Oh, don’t judge a book by its cover” but the truth is… We always judge your home design by the entryway, and we need to admit it, right? After all, it is the first place that welcomes you into a residence.

Even if you have a small entrance, the space needs to be optimized according to your lifestyle. It needs to be beautiful and functional, so you can arrive home and relax. This way, you may want to consider how is your home arrival and what you need to make it easier. Do you arrive home and need to place your car keys somewhere? Do you arrive home and need to take off your jacket somewhere? All replies are valid – you just need to do you. And, if you’re an interior designer, let us assure you that it is really important to know your clients’ every day so you can conceive the perfect home design for them.

We gathered some of Domkapa’s accessories so you can have an idea of how to make an entryway design with grace and elegance without ever leaving behind comfort and functionality. These accessories are perfect for every lifestyle and style, so you better take notes and find what is best for you!

The first accessory in this list of best options for your entryway is Cleo Mirror – we all need to see how we look before leaving home, don’t you agree?

Well, Cleo Mirror is practical and lovely. It has a minimal style and does not take up too much space, as it is placed on the wall. Its oval space provides an elegant and rich scheme to any place, enhancing it. Sometimes, luxury details are what we need for a sense of sophistication to level up our mood as soon as we enter.

The mirror frame is upholstered in the fabric you choose, and a wooden shelf is included in the middle of the piece for extra support.

Curvy, minimal, and distinctive, Cleo Mirror is a marvellous detail you’ve never seen before and will be the perfect addition to your design.

Kate Pouf is not different. Kate Pouf, especially the smaller one, is perfect for any entryway, as it has simple lines in a classical shape for a welcoming experience. Kate adds visual interest to its squared shape, giving the room purpose and grounding the design.

It is fully upholstered for extra comfort, and it will surely attract the attention of those entering home.

Our advice is to combine Kate with a simple console with drawers to establish a focal point and for some practical storage. This way, this space will always be more functional so you can place your car keys, for example.

If you don’t need too much storage space for your design, you can always go for side tables. Side tables are wonderful for those who do not have space for large furniture and the Inside Table is perfect for any space.

You may have seen Inside Table not only in a living room but as a nightstand. It can also work as a go-to solution for an entryway because of its three different versions. Inside Table Set is composed of one coffee table, one low side table and one tall side table – as you can buy them separately, you can place a tall Inside Side Table at the entrance.

This table with some gold finishes provides exquisiteness to any design and its texturized steel legs with an x-shape base create an optical illusion, guaranteeing you a unique look. Inside is, surely, a contemporary design with an industrial feeling for the most demanding scenarios.

Finally, yet importantly, you may know Ralph Hanger but we are sure that you don’t know its magic. Distinguished by its three tall vertical tubes, Ralph is a minimalistic hanger with an industrial touch – perfect for any entrance. These three tall tubes are connected by a T-shape metallic pipe on the top and bottom of the piece for incredible stability.

The best of all is that Ralph Hanger has a vintage-style tray with leather detail that rotates 360º for storage space for small objects complementing the hanger.

Functionality, elegance, and comfort are the main reasons that make us different and Ralph is an example of that. All our furniture pieces have upholstery in their details and the leather in the tray provides your home design with a bold sensation combined with luxury.

This is a fully metallic hanger with style and sophisticated design without losing the functional side demanded from a furniture piece.

We wanted to bring you some accessories that would look beautiful at every entrance. This way you can have a Domkapa piece in your interior design project or even at home without worrying about the space. And remember: we can customize all of our productsthey are created according to your needs and produced for you.

Find all our fabulous pieces in All Products and let us know which one is your favourite!


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