An Unmistakable Flavour: An Industrial Living Area

This one is for industrial style lovers! Industrial style is one of the most versatile styles you have, as it allows you to embrace your individuality and upcycle some materials and furniture pieces. It takes advantage of minimalism in a stylish way, and you can play with colours as much as you want.

Industrial style lovers – where you at? We brought a special option for you, composed by two pieces that will last forever. Ready to see?

This living area composition is perfect for every kind of space: whether you are working on a waiting room for your interior design studio or just planning on a reading room on your client’s project, these pieces will make wonders. Meet Mano Coffee Table and Stranger Armchair.

This space pairs industrial style with minimalism as it makes the most of your space impacted by its clean lines and simple shapes, but also for the careful selection of the furniture, having always in mind its comfort and function. While Mano Coffee Table provides functionality for its purpose and versatility for its design, Stranger Armchair offers the wow-factor we all look for in a successful design. The outcome is something subtle but impacting, with an unmistakable flavour.

From Mano Table Set, this coffee table is magical and special.

Mano Coffee Table has a striking aesthetic balance and functionality, merged in a harmonious craftwork design. The standard version of this outstanding piece is composed with a round structure of four panels that come together in natural leather Albany Terra featuring a top of black lacquered matte – providing a classic feeling for its classical shape.

High-end production skills make always perfect pieces for marvellous interior design projects and Mano Coffee Table is here to make your heart warmer.

When it comes to Stranger Armchair, the combination of different textures and materials brought to life an unexpected industrial-styled inspiration.

Its standard version is produced in a patterned fabric named Verdon 03 in the seat while the back and arms are upholstered with natural leather Desna Elephant, having a structure made of black texturized steel. For the special distinctive sensation, Stranger Armchair features details of gold polished stainless steel.

The black texturized steel structure gives a rough look to this design while the upholstered seat and back cushions provide a warm touch. At the same time, small details in gold polished stainless steel add another layer of opulence to the armchair.

An armchair is fundamental to add some warmth and comfort to every interior and this one is not different. Stranger Armchair is a contemporary choice that will embellish every timeless decor and it is also available in a chair and bar & counter chair versions – meet Stranger Family.

And that’s it: here is the secret to blend a minimalistic philosophy into something that has a story to tell – and a good one!

What do you think about this design? We would love to know so feel free to share it with us.


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