Balanced Proportions & Clean Lines In A Dining Room Design

This dining room design takes inspiration from the ordinary cosmopolitan life look, where everything is happening simultaneously. Luckily, Gram Chair is present to provide the space with all the serenity and softness it needs. Here, each detail makes a difference, especially because of the harmony of 100% Portuguese materials and handcrafted production that, together, give essence to the design.

This dining room design is composed of the eye-catching Gram Chair, which is distinguished by its geometrical shapes created with the finest materials and finishes.

Originally, Gram Chair has a fabric structure in weaves Logone 32 contrasting with Black Texturized Steel. However, Gram Chair is presented in this dining room design featuring natural leather Desna Musk with the same Black Texturized Steel for a timeless feel

Gram Chair has the ability to provide stability and comfort for its clean lines, turning every dining room it is in into something special and eye-pleasing. Its customization possibilities are an opportunity to play around with materials and finishes so it can fit into your residential and contract projects in the most stylish way. An exclusive pleasant experience is guaranteed when you sit. The upholstered back and seat are cushioned and play subtly with a mix of refined materials that are from local suppliers.

Geometrical lines mark the horizon of the dining room design and Gram Chair’s rigorous shape will inspire the world of haute couture for its boundless elegance

When the surroundings of Gram Chair are the subject, everything, for instance, is magical. 

Botanical details could only be the perfect natural complement to provide volume to the space, making it feel homely; while the flooring and the walls give the contemporary sense we all love. 

Connected to the earth colour palette used in this dining room, you can find a minimalistic approach where everything has its own function. A visual composition with rich textures and a warm glow engineered for perfection. 

This dining room design is marked by its authentic personality and distinct character, inviting everyone to sit and contemplate each detail that lends itself to the mood of the room. What are your thoughts about this harmonious, contemporary language


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