Bar Design: Details That Matter

Dear readers and upholstery lovers, the party season, such as Christmas and New Year, is just around the corner and we heard you: you are looking for a flawless interior design option for your bar design. For this reason, you should take a look at our Gram Bar Chair. Keep reading to learn more about this piece.

Gram Bar Chair is not for everyone. It is for the ones who love interior design as much as we do and a statement piece cannot be missed in their interior design projects or even home decor. 

Gram Bar Chair, also available in counter stool and chair versions, has geometrical shapes that cannot go unnoticed. Its design is inspired by the rush of the cosmopolitan life while its comfort will take you to the Comfort Land, where every detail connects with each other to fulfil your needs and to represent your lifestyle and character in the best way. 

This unexpected shape becomes an eye-catching item in every style or room and can be customised to fit your taste. The standard version includes a fabric structure of natural leather Desna Wine and a structure of Black Texturized Steel that makes all the difference. For this bar decoration, we decided to go for velvet Clarence BS32 and Black Texturized Steel to show you how you can get creative and play with materials and finishes for a unique selection. 

Here, everything looks picture-perfect, especially when combined with natural elements that take us into nature even for a minute. A minimalistic approach never goes wrong, even when the mix of textures on the walls and the floor creates a different melody. However, with Gram Bar Chair, everything looks perfect. 

This handcrafted piece has the ability to provide a very sober but exquisite experience as the metal structure aligned with the upholstered back and seat will make sure that geometrical shapes are very adaptable to any environment.

For a special touch, we advise you to find out all about Gram Chair. Together, they will conquer the world and provide you with a cohesive design where handcrafted high-quality materials are gathered and an exclusive design is made.

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