Beautiful Blooms & Lush Craftsmanship: A Dining Room Inspiration

The dining room design should speak for itself. It is a room often used to gather our friends and family, so it is better if you place the right furniture options while convenience and comfort is all over the room. And if you like to accomplish something that is sophisticated and elegant, minimalistic style is the way to go.

Minimalistic design prevails for the use of the essentials to create a simple room. Everything has a purpose and is made with high-quality materials so it can live longer. And this dining room is the perfect representation of how everything can look effortlessly beautiful. And when you combine a consistent colour palette and clean lines, the lush craftsmanship endures, joining forces with beautiful blooms for a special character.

While natural elements and botanical details are present across the room for a sense of personality, Vianna Chair gives it a dramatic flair. The two different options of Vianna Chair, with or without armrests, are present to show you how Domkapa can be functional and versatile.

And nothing beats Vianna Chair’s comfort.

Supported by four wooden legs, the padded seat and back cushion create the perfect accessory for both domestic and public settings. Along its extremities, sophisticated piping adds a timeless touch to the design and the top of the backrest arc outwards for maximum relaxation.

Vianna Chair is, surely, a classic design with a modern twist, making this a go-to choice for any design project.

This exquisite aesthetic brings the right amount of flavour and richness, especially for the ones who love glamour and an appealing look, don’t you agree?

Vianna Chair was designed for a high prestige attitude and we would love to know how you would place Vianna Chair. Share it with us!


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