Bed Ideas You Will Love

Our bedroom is one of the most crucial spaces in a residence and these bed ideas will make you fall in love.

If you wish to enhance your home décor, the bedroom is the best place to start because you don’t need too much furniture to make it calm and stylish, where functionality takes place. It is such a private place that it needs to be the reflection of your taste and feelings, so make sure you choose the right pieces.

To make your bedroom a real getaway, ensure that you choose a serene colour, such as blue, lavender or even a monochromatic palette – they are known for being soothing colours that help you to set the mood. For the ceiling, select a lighter one; it will improve the intimacy of your space.

Regardless of the style you pick, try to make your bedroom simple and furnish it with only what you need but remember always to have space for storage. When it comes to the furniture selection, Domkapa has you covered and brought you these bed ideas for your zen space:


Shelby Bed

Shelby Bed is the best option if you want to go for a modern style. It features simple, geometric lines and shapes that we all love. Calming angles ensure you a comfortable and refined experience.

With a structure of microfibers Tarn 22 and double-stitching of Tarn 02, the upholstered frame and its clean-cut lines are complemented by the upholstered structure and its lines. With its headboard slightly narrower at the top, this bed helps create the illusion of dimension, making your room look bigger.

A highly functional piece that guarantees perfect comfort while keeping your bedroom project harmonious and stylish.

Margot Bed

Speaking of modern style, Margot Bed will make you fall in love. It is made of microfibers Tarn 08 and black texturized steel linked to functional and essential spaces.

This unique upholstered piece is perfect for every kind of environment – whether you’re working on a residential project, your home or even on a hospitality interior design project, Margot Bed has the luck to fit in every ambience.

The wide and enveloping headboard, with its soft lines and quality details, is divided into two padded sets to favour moments of rest. The stunning metallic tubing and feet enhance the beauty of this piece from Domkapa’s 2022 collection.

With a minimal and distinctive style, Margot Bed promises to embrace every detail of your project and intensify them for the perfect decor.

Kelsi Bed

Kelsi Bed represents the talent of our craftsmen and the creativity of our design team. When combined, they create beautiful things like this upholstered piece. It is an outstanding design and handcraft work, combining unique production techniques and fine materials to create a rare piece.

The wingback headboard made with microfibers Tarn 03 is the focal point of this bed, rich in details. It features two large, padded cushions of fabric patterned Verdon 01 for extreme comfort, supported by two lavish metallic tubes of Rose Gold Brushed. Along with the structure, you can find other small details, the result of exclusive craftsmanship.

Available in three different sizes, Kelsi Bed is customizable in shape, material, and finish to achieve the perfect result for your design project.

Yumi Bed

A structure and piping made of Weaves Columbia Toffee embraced Black Lacquered Mate and provided the possibility of a minimalistic design.

This is Yumi Bed and it faces a classic shape and proportions for an elegant design.  Elevated by four wooden legs, the Yumi Bed is inspired by a concept of elegance, comfort, and balanced lines. Available in multiple sizes and customizable in every element, it’s perfect for moments of rest.

This design can fit both residential and hospitality projects and it’s a great choice for any style of decor, according to the materials you choose.

Amanda Bed

And, finally, combine your bed with two matching nightstands. And Amanda does it perfectly:

Get a good night’s rest with Amanda Bed, with weaves Helmand 05, Fumé Oak and microfibers Tarn 01. It is an outstanding design inspired by the contemporary traces we all love.

Elevated from the ground, Amanda Bed is characterized by its wide upholstered headboard with vertical double-top stitching and integrated wooden bedside tables on both sides. The headboard can be upholstered in two different fabrics giving this piece a unique personality for the most exquisite bedrooms.

Available in various sizes and customizable in every material, Amanda Bed is the special design your project needs.

Now you’re ready to conceive a beautiful zen space. Don’t forget to keep in mind the room’s size, natural daylight and the architectural features you have. Consider the essence of the space and challenge yourself to offer your own self a soothing room where you can rest and, on another level, read a good book. What are you waiting for?


Taylor Collection by Domkapa Bedroom collection with furniture Moka lacquered pieces with brown leather on the side
Elba Armchair by Domkapa Round egg shape armchair Upholstered with texturized fabric in trufa color and leather and rose gold polished stainless steel
Cleo mirror by Domkapa Upholstered mirror with wooden shelf in the middle Upholstered in black fabric and shelf in black lacquered mate

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