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Have you ever heard the saying “Keep your home office well-decorated and you’ll reach success”? Well, we just created it. Organization and good decoration will keep distractions away and will help you to focus on work. But, above these conditions, you need to have in mind the comfort – after all, is in your home workplace you will pass the most of the time. Make sure you choose a good chair!

Luckily, Domkapa has the best chairs for you to focus on creating memorable interior design projects for your clients. Let’s see?

Thanks to its functionality, comfort and customization possibilities, you can pick these chairs for any kind of environment: dining room, home office, living room… It’s up to you! And they will help you to create consistent ambiances in your home decor because of their clean lines and simple shapes.

Anna Chair

With Anna Chair, you will have four different opportunities to level up your interior design projects! That’s right: it is available in four versions – with or without armrests, with four legs or with a sledge base. This will allow you to create distinct interior design projects with only one seating piece! But that’s not all: you can also customize the base – with a wooden or a metallic finish – or even the upholstered seat and backrest. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Anna Chair is the ultimate playground piece for professionals that will allow you to conceive limitless results.


Carter Chair

Carter Chair is the go-to solution for the ones who love a mix of traditional lines with thickness and delicacy without ever giving up on real comfortMade with fumé stained ash and weaves Logone 09, this lovely upholstered piece will be the statement whether you’re working on a residential or commercial interior design project.

This versatile chair is characterized mainly by a solid seat cushion rested on a solid wood structure perfect for long days of hard work. Across the upholstered chair, double-top stitching divides the back of the piece for a timeless look.

The exclusive lines and stitching of the Carter Chair will make sure you get anything you need.

Louise Chair

Louise Chair is part of our new collection. Conceived to be part of a dining room interior design project, you can customize this lovely piece and create a new wonderful home office chair – everyone is going to fall for this chair! This piece exhales confidence thanks to a structure of natural leather Desna Agave with details made of brushed stainless steel and legs with fumé stained beech

Louise Chair’s back and seat are upholstered for a relaxing experience while the wooden legs finish the exquisiteness of the design. Along with this exclusive characteristic, you can also count on a slightly curvy back that will assure you a cozy experience with a daring design of golden nails.

Its simple yet sophisticated lines match any decor and enhance the room.

Louise chair by Domkapa New Collection 2022 Simple contemporary dining chair. Upholstered in deep forest green and fumé stained ash
Stranger chair by Domkapa Unique dining chair with armrests Structure in black texturized steel, seat cushion in light beige linen fabric, and padded cushions in forest green

Stranger Chair

The back and arms are made with natural leather Desna Forest and the seat is produced in weaves Helmand 02 having details in gold polished stainless steel; the structure is in black texturized steel. However, Stranger Chair’s design is made with love and care for our customers. 

With an industrial feel and a demand for timeless pieces, the metal structure and peculiar shapes will turn Stranger Chair into the focal point. 

The robust black texturized steel tubes of the structure contrast with the delicate upholstered seat, backrest, and armrest. All the details are combined so you can enjoy an extra comfortable seating experience, including the details on the structure.

Stranger Chair‘s symmetrical shapes add a twist of fun to decor and it’s also available in bar and counter chair versions.

Alexander Armchair

We had to remind you about this option. With two decorative options – cross-stitching or double-top stitchingAlexander Armchair will provide you with all the comfort your client will need. 

A powerful and embracing structure where a high back smoothly connects to the seat cushion and ends on a swivel base with a smooth return. The arms and backrest on this piece slightly arch outwards, inviting everyone to sit. The highlight goes to the additional support padding in the back, held up by a metallic opulent counterweight, that can be adjusted in height and produced in a different finish.

Alexander timeless armchair coordinates perfectly its materials in a one-of-a-kind piece, being a highly innovative solution linked to a functional and quite traditional shape. This is the future!

Alexander Armchair by Domkapa New Collection 2022 Fully upholstered in dark grey linen fabric and with details in gold brushed stainless steel

Remote work in a home office will do wonders for your productivity and focus, especially if you want unique results. Having a space only for us to work on our ideas is one of the best things we can ever have and we would love to know which piece would look amazing in your interior design projects. 


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