Casegoods: The Perfect Interior Design Resource

Casegoods: The Perfect Interior Design Resource

Casegoods are nowadays served as the interior design resource that completes every home.

A passion for high-quality materials and the most exclusive handmade techniques brought us to casegoods and now they make a huge impact on our collection, especially because these accessories fit in every style and every room. The best: they are timeless so you can be trendy all year, all season, every time a trend comes up.

We already told you that the sofa defines the whole mood in a living room but the casegoods will add texture, being preponderant to any interior design. And this happens not only in the living room but in every single room of your home.

From coffee tables to accessories for your master bedroom, Domkapa is here to show you what we’re all about and the result of a work side by side with our design and production team. Shall we see?

Usually, casegoods are referred to as pieces that are not upholstered but we decided to change this up a little this definition by mixing textiles with solid woods, wood veneers, lacquers, metals, mirrors, and glasses – you can find all about them in Materials.

Cleo Mirror

The outcome of great synergy between creativity and shapes was Cleo Mirror. It is the perfect addition to every interior design project because of its oval shape and timeless appeal provided by its minimalistic characteristics.

While the structure is upholstered, this curvy, minimal, and distinctive mirror has a shelf in the middle of the piece to enhance its beauty and contribute to the most feature we want in our homes: functionality.

Cleo blends totally with every style and it will not go unnoticed.

Cleo Mirror

Grazi Nightstand

Grazi Nightstand

Less is more: Grazi is the reflection of simplicity with a sophisticated touch. A minimalistic design is possible because of its wooden base and one drawer connected by metallic tubes for a rich look with a comfortable feeling.

From dimensions to materials and finishes, you can customize every Grazi’s detail for a perfect stylish bedroom.

Grazi will discreetly enhance the beauty of each piece of the bedroom.

Mano Table Set

A strong modern aura has come when a set of coffee and side tables was created. With an appealing aesthetic, every detail of Mano Table Set tells a story about functionality.

With a top made of wood, Mano’s round structure has a leather frame with four panels that come together to create a marvelous design and high-end production skills.

Mano is eternal and so are the ambiances where it is placed. 

Mano Table Set

Ralph Hanger

Ralph Hanger

Made of three tall vertical tubes, the spotlight of Ralph Hanger is, surely, the vintage style tray made with leather that rotates 360º – proving Domkapa’s functionality, the secret ingredient of every timeless interior design project. This tray allows storage space for keys, for example. 

Don’t be fooled by the industrial touch of this hanger: Ralph is perfect for every style and every room and it won’t cause visual clutter thanks to its minimalistic design. A fully metallic hanger with a stylish look for your interior design projects.

Taylor Bedroom Collection

A demand for sophisticated bedrooms appeared so we decided to bring to life this set of three-bedroom furniture pieces. A cozy decor is now achievable because of this composition of a nightstand, a dresser and a chest of drawers

The structure of the Taylor Collection is mainly made of wood but the highlight goes to one side. This side is upholstered in a fabric of your choosing upgrading the final result to a combination of great taste and exquisite materials.

You can buy them separately but our advice is really to put them together if you want to go timeless and soothing.

All these accessories were created with the intent of being sophisticated details that complete the room and contribute to the mood, allowing other main pieces to be eye-catching elements

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