Dining Room Design: Splashes Of Color And Modern Gestures

We’re all always looking to make our home more sociable and everyone should start with the dining room. It is where family and friends all come together to create memories around a table and enjoy a delicious meal, right?

It should be sociable but not just that: if we want to make a change in the world, we need to make better choices by looking for timeless home decoration, the one that lives longer. And which style will always fit in every year’s trends? That’s right: the modern one.

This dining room design with splashes of color and modern gestures is a great example of how homely a dining room should be. It combines a new family design piece created just for you.

Welcome to our dining room and, please, meet Anna. If you’re looking for your dining room to go modern, this dining chair will do the trick for you.

Dining Room Design: Splashes Of Color And Modern Gestures

Anna is the solution for those who love to express their personality through its creativity, for those who want to create unique interiors: it allows endless customization options for limitless results.

A mature awareness process inspired by different ideas and experiences was what brought this design into our collection. It is available in four distinct versions: two options for armrest customization (with or without armrest) as well as two customization options for the base (four legs or a sled base).

Concerning the base, you can choose a wooden or metallic finish. Meanwhile, the upholstered seat and backrest can also be customized with contrasting fabrics.

Endless possibilities are what we see in this ambiance, right? Natural leather desna brandy with inox smoky black; microfibers tarn with walnut stained ash; synthetic leather oder, microfibers tarn and fumé stained ash; weaves columbia graphite, microfibers tarn and rose gold polished – you tell us how do you want to create your Anna Chair.

Anna Chair is the perfect solution for every project. Its endless possibilities of customizations make it the best dining room piece for every room.

A new opportunity for you to fulfill your home decor with fabulous designs made of high-quality materials and distinct values.

A powerful solution for powerful creativity, for sure. The time to capture everyone’s attention is now!

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