Grant Pouf: Versatility And Comfort

Creating a successful design is an exciting journey yet important. Our home is the place where we are going to spend the rest of our life and has an important role in our life. So we need to make sure that the design can fit exactly our personality and taste without ever giving up on our lifestyle and future – as Grant Pouf can.

We can not assure that everything is going to be the same in five years. This way, our furniture selection needs to be composed by timeless and elegant pieces that stand the test of time. We can only reach these characteristics with two aspects: form and function – they will help you find the perfect home design for your client.

While the form is all about the aesthetic, function refers to the purpose of each furniture piece in the space.

Form follows function.

Following this interior design motto, you will avoid areas with unusable, awkward space; a lack of storage space or ventilation; or even missing adequate lighting. However, balance is desirable, which means you need to give and take from each subject until they have harmony.

Today we are here to give you one element that can make all the difference, combining the components above: Grant Pouf.

Grant pouf is functional and versatile.

Being able to fit in every room, it has three different dimensions so you can adapt it to every space; providing functionality (as it can work as an additional seat or as a footrest) and design (for its lovely form) for your client. Also, let’s not leave behind comfort! As it is fully upholstered, Grant is one of the best pieces from our most recent collection when it comes to comfort.

Encompassing the lifestyle of the owner and how he interacts with the environment is such an important aspect of interior design and, paying attention to this, Grant Pouf has the opportunity to help you accomplish the final look you have always dreamed of.

As you move your eyes, you will be able to find some simple details that will make you fall in love with this pouf, such as the elegant piping on each corner of the piece that matches gracefully the two contrast piping that hugs it.

Three different dimensions will help you to fit it in your home design more easily without ever needing to personalise the object. If you have a small space, we got you covered! These three versions can also complete each other for a greater option for additional seating.

One sofa alone is boring, and this accessory will provide the space with a playful feeling that is very decorative for its right structure.

However, Grant Pouf is also customizable in every way so you can adapt it to your client’s personality and you can also use it as a side table so you can set a drink, for example.

Being easily removable, Grant Pouf will not only make it simple but will also provide a different sense to the space. It will enhance the cosy feeling which solves some of the small space issues.

This is the go-to solution for every design project as it combines aesthetics and a classic, elegant shape while being also comfortable.

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