Home Decor With Eminent Blue

A living room is one of the most significant places in any home, so you need to make sure that you create a warm and comfortable place for the family to get together and especially for you to spend some quality time. After all, we all need some rest after a long day of work, right?

We all look to make our home stylish, but we need it to be simple; the furniture should be able to last for years without losing its appeal and, of course, it needs to have a purpose to avoid visual clutter. For these reasons, we brought you this modern home decor with a minimal aesthetic that invites you in the second you look.

Step in into this eye-catching design project and find out how you can re-create it. Let’s go!

Disruption Sofa

The chicness and rich look of this modern home décor are finished with the comfort of Disruption Sofa made with velvet Aldan 2920 combined with the beautiful, lovely Ada Almond Pillow.

Ergonomic proportions and a sophisticated modern look were combined, and Disruption was created. This brilliant, homely sofa seduces with its curvy lines and minimalistic design.

If you have a small place, we got you: Disruption has a modular system and different sizes – different solutions and options for all! The seat is a high cushion and armrests can also be added by choosing the armchair version.

Originally, Disruption is produced in Arno 51, Tarn 22, Logone 01, and Aldan 2928, depending on the size. However, you can customize it however you need.

Every detail of Disruption was carefully crafted to produce an even stronger and imponent look through curve shapes and high-quality materials.

A very sleek and appealing modern aesthetic appears where Ada Almond is placed.

This pillow can not be customized, unlike the rest of Domkapa’s collection, because you don’t need to. Ada Pillow is available in four distinct versions and, between us, you should meet them! Ada Almond, Ada Moss, Ada Ocean and Ada Rose are the perfect accessory for every interior design project being compatible with sofas, armchairs and beds.

This pillow features a square shape and three different fabrics that complement and contrast each other for a unique result.

We don’t need to say more, right?

As you move your eyes through the living room, the elements used not only provide an exuberant and light look, but a very contemporary and timeless design offering a poetic appeal where every detail tells a story.

Matching with Disruption Sofa and Ada Almond Pillow, the Inside Table Family was chosen for an industrial touch thanks to the use of Black Texturized Steel.

In this beautiful ambiance, Inside Side Table is made with gold brushed stainless steel and two other Coffee Tables contrast each other with Black Ash Matte and Walnut Matte.

One thing in common for these three pieces is the x-shape base creating an optical illusion. The top is available in wood and stainless steel, guaranteeing a unique look in every finish you choose.

A contemporary design with an industrial for the most demanding scenarios.

The space’s eye-catching elements are wonderfully complemented by Kate Pouf in an unpredictable color and material – Weaves Columbia Brick.

Fully upholstered, Kate Pouf is the ultimate comfortable experience to be added to any project.

Coming in two sizes and materialsvelvet Aldan 2932 and weaves Columbia Toffee, your client is free to choose which option suits its needs better. Very versatile due to its simple lines, Kate is a piece that can be part of any room as a complimentary item that can be upholstered in any fabric.
Match it with any of our exquisite sofas and Kate’s simple lines will easily be adapted to every style.

And that’s it! This is how you can bring a contemporary, timeless aura into every home décor. An intriguing story is told as you move through the living room and we are sure that it is an unforgettable one. We dare you to listen to it!

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