Home Decor With Industrial Style: Stranger Family

If you are working on an interior design project and are looking to give some functionality and an industrial style to your space, maybe a chair would be a good idea.

The inspiration for today is this family of chairs that will add the beautiful sense to your place, turning it into a modern and sophisticated one.

This family is composed by a chair for your dining room, an armchair for your living room, and a bar chair, for that special corner on the home decor that help us to get rid of the stress. The family’s name is Stranger and is here to add personality to any room for its impactful energy.

Starting by the main area of a home design – the living room, dear readers, please meet Stranger Armchair.

The combination of different textures and materials brought to life an unexpected industrial-styled inspiration.

Its standard version is produced in a patterned fabric named Verdon 03 in the seat while the back and arms are upholstered with natural leather Desna Elephant, having a structure made of black texturized steel. For the special distinctive sensation, Stranger Armchair features details of gold polished stainless steel.

The black texturized steel structure gives a rough look to this design while the upholstered seat and back cushions provide a warm touch. At the same time, small details in gold polished stainless steel add another layer of opulence to the chair.

Every armchairs are fundamental to add some warmth and comfort to every interior and this one is not different. Stranger Armchair is a contemporary choice that will embellish every timeless decor.

When it comes to the dining room, a gorgeous dining chair makes every difference, right? That is why Stranger Chair was designed.

Stranger Chair has the ability to be the statement piece every place it is in thanks to its metal structure and peculiar shape.

Having the same design as Stranger Armchair and Stranger Bar/Counter Chair, Stranger Chair will be a beautiful addition to every dining space, even with different materials – natural leather Desna Brandy & synthetic leather Oder 662-05 on the back and arms; a seat of weaves Helmand 02 and a structure of black texturized steel with some details of gold polished stainless steel.

All these details combined will make you enjoy an extra comfortable seating experience while its symmetrical shapes will add a twist of fun to every decor.

After a long day of hard work, you should care enough for yourself to enjoy the comfort of Stranger Bar Chair.

Stranger works as a symbol of strength in every bar design for its powerful design with back and arms made of weaves Arno 51, a seat of microfibers Tarn 05 and a structure of black texturized steel.

The slight curvy lines of the back and seat were conceived thinking about providing the best of a comfortable yet empowering seat. The upholstered arms will provide extra comfort and relaxation.

This impacting energy will revolutionize every interior design project with colour and style.

This is your oportunity to make the world even more beautiful as this family of seating with an industrial sense has everything you need for you to finish your interior design projects in style.

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