Introducing Beaumont: A Sofa For Everyday’s Lifestyle

Nowadays, it is usual to find houses that are so small that it becomes so complicated to furnish it with everything we need. In addition, our lifestyle is too fast paced, not allowing us to enjoy what life has to offer. For this reason, here is a revolutionary innovation that changes everything and allows you to live with comfort and style without compromising your space: Beaumont Sofa.

Representing simplicity like no other, this design features an innovative single-motion opening system, making room for an inviting bed. This will not only assure you the ultimate comfort experience but also a modern feel pairing in the room.

Beaumont Sofa is the ideal design for every lifestyle and space thanks to a clean design – that fits in every style – and generous proportions – being suitable to every place. Your home’s size is no longer an excuse for you to receive your guests; now you can get the most of your residence.

We are used to have sofa-beds where we must take off everything in it (especially the pillows) so you can open it and have a bed. However, with Beaumont Sofa you will never have to worry about it. As soon as you open the Beaumont’s bed, its cushions will be stored in the same place.

One of the best attributes of Beaumont is that it is available in three different dimensions: S (L1760 x D1005 x H830 x SH420 mm), M (L1960 x D1005 x H830 x SH420 mm) and L (L12160 x D1005 x H830 x SH420 mm)*. Each version has its own standard fabric: while the S size is featured in velvet Clarence BS5, M is made with weaves Arno 11 and L is produced with weaves Helmand 10. Nevertheless, you can customize it with all our indoor fabric options as well as with our indoor leathers and even your own material (depending on its composition, of course!) – you may want to check our Materials and see what fits your taste and needs.

*please note that these standard dimensions can be changed without prior notice. Always check its technical sheets to understand more about the product.

Beaumont Sofa is distinct and has everything you need for you to keep up with your lifestyle. It explores the beauty of simplicity pairing a traditional sofa with a modern bed.

If there is a way to put it all into one word, this sofa fits the bill. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and oh-so-functional. A beautiful and comfortable addition to any home.


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