Living Room Decor: Design For All

When it comes to online purchases, it is important to know not only what we want, how we want it and why we need it; but also if the items we like the most meet our expectations. And, unfortunately, there is no tool or any kind of intelligence to deliver us exactly what we are looking for. For this reason, you must describe what are your expectations when you are making a purchase, especially in the furniture and upholstery business.

This living room design represents exactly that: a mix between our wishes, what we want to achieve and our possibilities – that are endless, by the way – which could only be accomplished with this composition of Edward Sofa and Inside Table Set.

We launched Edward Sofa recently (along with other marvellous pieces from our new collection) and it is already the favourite of our clients. We explain you why:

Its modular system, that counts with 36 modules, allows it to be adapted into every kind of space, regardless the size of your room.

In these modules, you are able to find different categories, such as: central modules, corner modules, final modules and accessories (a magazine rack, headrest and a side table). All of these modules are identified with a code so the purchase process can be easier. For a more pleasurable scheme and to visualize the final composition, you can count with a planner that you can print, cut and define, according to your taste, the sofa of your dreams.

Edward’s design is, definitely, unique. Characterized by an exclusive simplicity, you can incorporate it into any style of interior design. From modern to classic, your opportunities are endless!

This exclusive piece is produced with high-quality materials and can provide a comfort experience that is completely different of your expectations – the outcome of our tremendous passion for detailed stitching.

The living room design we bring you today can represent this philosophy like no other, through a minimalistic approach and unexpected combinations of textures, shapes and colours. All these elements, when blended, can prove that design is for all.

Inside Table Set keeps up with this interior design that is simple and unique, giving use to the versatility and functionality that we all look for.

A side and coffee tables are enough to bring such different atmosphere, while the surrounding essentials offer an entirely different vibe to the space.

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