Living Room Design: Feel These Modern Details

There are some interior design trends that come to stay and we are sure that we are going to see much more natural materials and lighting, earth tones and comforting curves around here in the next few years. By mixing these trends, you will have something that is classic and elegant yet comfy and peaceful, as you can see in this living room.

A living room design full of depth and density is what makes it look endlessly modern and cosy. A soothing atmosphere were brought by a stunning combination of colours, tones and textures that can make us feel calm.

This outstanding look is composed by a mix clean lines and contemporary shapes, through Parker Sofa, Alexander Armchair, Grant Pouf – all from our 2022 collection – and Inside Table Set. Let’s find out more about them!

Parker Sofa

Parker Sofa is the most recent addition to Domkapa’s range of sofas. It expresses a straightforward aesthetics complemented by generous and welcoming proportions. Resting on slender wood or metal feet, the wide armrest allows great comfort combined with the fully padded double cushions on the back.

The back and seat of this sofa have one thing in common: geometric and elegant vertical lines that elongate the design for a contemporary piece.
Fitting in residential and contract projects, Parker can match the need of multiple styles and demands.

In this living room design, Parker features a patterned fabirc Verdon 01 and polished stainless steel but we are sure that, whether you go for a velvet or a natural leather, you will always experience a special cosiness.

A living room design that is beautiful is wonderful but everyone needs a bit of functionality incorporated in their living space. We all need spaces to place our hot coffee or even our book when we feel like we had enough.  Inside Table Set makes wonders when it comes to add purpose.

Inside Table Set

When we were developing the collection, we knew that something was missing – something that could be functional and fresh up all our collection – which led us to the creation of this versatile set composed by two side tables (Low and Tall) and one coffee table.

Inside Table Set is timeless and modern. Its versatility can be combined with any kind of style and in every kind of room – so you can make them into your next nighstands or a supportive table during your work. Inside Table Set combines a structure made of black texturized steel and wood in the top. Thanks to its contemporary shape and clean aesthetic, this set is an elegantly sculpted furniture piece.

Alexander Armchair

Next to Parker, Alexander Armchair states innovation and beauty. It is such a highly innovative solution! With a functional and quite traditional shape, Alexander has a powerful and embracing structure where a high back smoothly connects to the seat cushion and ends on a swivel base. The arms and backrest on this piece slightly arch outwards, inviting everyone to sit. The highlight goes to the additional support padding in the back, held up by a metallic opulent counterweight, that can be adjusted in height and produced in a different finish. 

To this nature-inspired ambiance, Alexander is upholstered with natural leather Desna Brandy, with a pillow of synthetic leather Oder and black texturized steel. This timeless armchair coordinates perfectly its materials in a one-of-a-kind piece, especially when presented in a cross-stitched seam.

Grant Pouf

This outstanding design composition could only be finished with Grant Pouf.

This stool represents aesthetics, purposeful design and ergonomics for being the go-to solution for every interior design project. It is available in three different sizes to accomplish the final look you’ve always dreamed of: small, medium and large – all with different materials so you can realize how Domkapa is versatile.  Grant Pouf features an elegant piping in each corner of the piece, gracefully matching the two contrasting piping that, carefully, hugs the entire pouf.

Here, Grant is upholstered with weaves Arno 60 and synthetic leather Rupert Chocolate; and, as you can see, its classic and elegant shape cannot go unnoticed. Ergonomic comfort for every kind of space.

All these pieces have the ability to express our identity like no other. They will help you to create memorable design interiors, while giving your clients the opportunity to upgrade their own lifestyle. How wonderful is that?


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