Living Room Design: How Modern Gestures Never Fail

If you are looking forward to making an impression in your living room, then you should really have a look at this interior design composition. Here, sophistication meets elegance, through a flawless colour palette and clean lines that cannot go unnoticed. Who said that living rooms need to have many elements to keep it ageless?

Soft and light, a bit of inspiration is coming your way. Here’s an ambiance that will hearten your senses.

Modern gestures never fail, once you go bold. Here, the furniture and accessory selection will to the trick for you and provide you harmony with contemporary accents for a visual statement. The blending of architecture’s textures feels like art, making us wonder peacefully as it is expected from a living room; the light brought by the outdoors, delivers the right amount of purity, while the floor lamp creates the perfect homely setting we all love. This is why interior design is art.

Here, Edward Sofa goes the extra mile when it comes to forward-thinking design, helping you to create lasting memories full of comfort and tranquillity – after all, the development of this piece takes inspiration form the desire to retreat from cosmopolitan life.

Able to fit in every kind of space and style, Edward Sofa embodies a modular system and offers a wide range of modules so you can build the sofa of your dreams. You will never have to give up on comfort!

Its generous proportions offer it a distinct character while its versatility enchants everyone, especially when combined with different accessories from its collection, such as a magazine rack, a headrest and a side table.

In this ambiance, Edward Sofa is uphosletered with bouclé Columbia Pearl, while its side table is presented with bouclé Columbia Pearl, synthetic leather Rupert Camel and black lacquered matte. As you may know, Domkapa uses a system of codes to identity each module, and here you can find the following ones: ED.MA.S (side table), ED120.CC (central module), ED.AP (corner module), ED120.BG.D (end module with wide arms).

Limitless results are now possible thanks to its maximum compositional adaptability.

Even having a side table module for functionality in this ambiance, Panton Table Set also captures everyone’s attention for its fair amount of presence and personality, this time with a mixture of natural walnut, bronze glass, black texturized steel and gold brushed stainless steel.

Composed by a side table and a coffee table, Panton Table Set has a cosy style incorporated in such generous shapes. It is capable to embellish every domestic or commercial setting, as its round glass top welded to a conical wood base can take it to another level.

Along the piece, you will be able to find gentle stainless-steel details for a classic look, which makes it perfect for every kind of living.

For the wow-factor, the Almond version of Ada Cushion layers this living room with originality.

Ada Cushion is the perfect accessory for your décor, as it is as versatile as it looks. With a square shape, it features three different fabrics, which complement and contrast at the same time, for a unique result.

Ada is available in four distinct versions and, for an instance, is eternal.

As you can see, this astonishing living room can match your personality as its combination of elements can show how to create a purposeful design. This inspiring living toom stirs our souls and melts our hearts, don’t you agree? We want to know your thoughts, so leave us a comment.


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