Living Room With A Meaningful Modern Aesthetic

A living room design with a modern aesthetic that is also cozy is one of the greatest characteristics we can have in our home decor; but when you blend them with rich materials and an impactful color scheme you will deliver the right amount of elegance and comfort.

This room reinforces the importance of having the right furniture pieces, having in mind a less is more philosophy that always accompanies us during the journey of creating the perfect interior design project. Its poetic appeal evokes a story of luxury through the balanced touch of natural elements. And, of course, the occasional pops of colour couldn’t go unnoticed! They offer sophistication to this living room, turning it into a classic and, at the same time, a modern space. The fusion between soft colours and the boldest ones presents a playful influence we never thought we needed.

The selection of furniture chosen to be part of this living room was well chosen because the pieces balance themselves and, as your eyes move, you will find soothing vibes through refined complimentary features and a sense of authenticity. It could only be Domkapa’s furniture, right?

A Powerful Sophistication And Modern Style

Today we are here to inspire you and to show you how to compose a luxe environment, starting with the graceful Chloe Sofa that shows up with Weaves Columbia Pearl and Black Matte Lacquered.

Chloe Sofa strikes with a balanced aesthetic and refined materials for an outstanding interior. It has a wooden or metallic base and an upholstered seat and backrest that can elevate any room. A stitched line is dividing the piece for easy assembling and transport while double-top stitching is seen across the sofa for a luxury touch. The soft curves prevail throughout every element of Chloe Sofa which is anything but impressive.

It is available in three different sizes promising to be the statement piece in every room it is in.

The chicness and rich look are finished with decorative pillows made of Weaves Columbia Toffee and Microfibers Tarn 15.

We can not forget about the functionality provided by the Panton Table Set: a center table and a side table to make everything beautiful around it.

The Panton Table Set presents itself in this living room with a combination of Black Matte Lacquered, details of Brushed Stainless Steel and Bronze Glass for the minimalistic effect. These generous shapes and curvaceous design have a glass top welded to the conical wood base to serve various functions that can be included in both domestic settings and public venues.

This versatile set will embellish the design and take it to another level.

On the other side of the color spectrum, Edison Armchair’s organic shapes are a masterclass when it comes to furniture design.

When the Edison Armchair was launched, the epitome of the comfort of Domkapa’s collection was reached thanks to the slight curve of the back and seat. Its four-leg structure in Black Texturized Steel supports the upholstered seat for a simple yet eye-catching piece that will enhance the beauty of a design project.

The dynamic impact of Edison Armchair’s style would look beautiful in a hotel lobby or even in a luxurious residence, don’t you agree?

To give meaning to this living room, Rachel Pouf shows up and tells us how to populate a stunning design with a structure of Microfibers Tarn 15 and Black Matte Lacquered for a point of connection between all elements.

Rachel is, surely, made to bring extra comfort to a project. The piece combines, originally, lavish materials such as soft fabric and a wooden base including pleats on the side for the character. It is available in two sizes – additional options for the most demanding desires as the versatility of the design allows it to be used as an extra seat or footstool.

Combine it with an upholstered or wooden piece and Rachel promises to enchant.

As you can see, nature has a deep influence over our designs. However, we don’t fail to remember that comfort and elegance are part of our identity. It helps us offer you not only that but also fierceness and timelessness. This sleek design proves that our talented design and production team, together, are capable of doing everything you need to achieve success. Contact us and you will see your dreams come true!

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