Poufs: The Hidden Gem Of Home Decor

Though we love the rebellious idea of forgetting about interior design rules and just do everything we want, there is a philosophy that cannot be forgotten: function over fashion. You will make your job easier, and your clients’ lifestyle will change. Nevertheless, we also love a good-looking interior design – we all do, right? Having this in mind, it is important to find a balance between both elements. In our new collection, we decided to bring to life something that is equally fashionable and functional, especially when it comes to poufs.

Poufs are always perceived as an extra seating piece or a footrest. We dare to limit these versatile pieces to just two functions, without thinking forward. For this reason, our new poufs have more than just two functions without ever leaving behind the design. Curious?

Adley Pouf

With a modern take on the traditional shapes and patterns of history, Adley opens the door to a purposeful world. Its structure is prepared to be used as a seating piece – thanks to an unbelievable, comfortable foam; as a footrest – for these days when all we want is to rest; and, finally, as a storage piece – suitable for every kind of living. Its effortless opening system takes over the contemporary field and gives it another impact, followed by a nice and clever pocket for additional storage.

Adley Pouf’s versatile design is available in two sizes. While the small size is upholstered with weaves Arno 10 with an interior made of synthetic leather Rupert Camel and a natural leather Albany Terra handle; the large size is produced in microfibers Tarn 22, with an interior made of synthetic leather Rupert Forest and a natural leather Albany Black.

It will bring functionality to any kind of interior.

Avery Pouf

Marked by a warm spirit for its soft textures and round shapes, Avery Pouf has a structure that is slightly inclined for a distinct look. This outstanding piece embodies a game of contrasts between purpose and design, for a refined experience.

A solid lacquered top can be found to be used as a side table along with storage space, blending functionality with a straightforward design. This way, it can be used not only as an additional seating piece and a footrest, but also as a storage piece and side table.

Its standard version is upholstered with microfibers Tarn 22 and synthetic leather Rupert Black, while the top is produced with black ash and a top of black lacquered.

Avery gives pulse to an exquisite essence, inviting you to play with functions.

Every piece of Domkapa’s collection is designed to fit in every interior design project, regardless the style or the room and our new poufs are not different. This sustainable choice will allow you to fresh up your interior design with the same pieces, saving your wallet and the planet.

Avery and Adley have a classic design and more than two functions so you can level up your interior design project with pieces that, at first sight, are as just normal as they look. Storage is never enough as well as these poufs.


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