Remarkable Armchairs For Your Living Space

Do you usually receive a large group of guests in your home? Do you need an extra seating piece in your living room? Or you’re just looking for the missing piece in your living area? The one where you can sit by the fire, reading a good book on cold nights. Then these armchairs are for you.

In order to choose the perfect armchair for your living room, you need to answer these questions:

  • What are you going to use your armchair for?
  • What are your preferred dimensions? Which size do you need your armchair to be?
  • What is the main style of your living room? If you’re not sure, then we advise you to read Interior Design Styles: Find Your Favorite

When it comes to home design, armchairs will always help you set the mood; so we decided to bring you some remarkable armchairs to upgrade your interior design projects. Prepare for an incredible journey between our history, 100% Portuguese production, and premium materials. Let yourself be inspired!

Elba Armchair

Elba Armchair is for the ones who are looking for unique designs. Made with weaves Columbia Toffee and a base of polished stainless steel, this curved armchair has some luxurious details that it’s impossible not to get noticed! Elba creates elegant environments thanks to its bold lines and its egg shape that reveal its generous shapes for a sleek look.

The seat holds an extra padded pillow as well as the back. These two pillows provide maximum comfort. Elba Armchair has an incredible feature: not only is the base a triangle shape handmade in stainless steel but it also swivels, so you can position where you want to face and play around a 360º base.

And here’s a secret: it will look even better if you match it with Elba Ottoman!

Do you need a discreet but elegant seating piece for your minimalist room? The next selection is about that.

Miller Armchair

Miller Armchair perfectly matches the square shapes of its structure with the soft curves and comfort of the upholstery supported by its unique seat and back pillows. The structure is made with microfibers Tarn 11 and the back pillows are produced in weaves Arno 10, providing a mix of colours for every sophisticated room. However, You can mix and match different materials to obtain the result you want and that your project needs.

Miller is a one-of-a-kind armchair and it will guarantee a sophisticated touch to your project, emanating the sense of glamour it needs.

There isn’t much we can say about the next piece. It is simply wonderful with a feminine touch. It emanates such a sense of luxury!

Pearl Armchair

Pearl Armchair holds an exclusive language. Produced especially with weaves Columbia Nata with a base of natural ash, the creation of this particular piece was inspired by the contemporary architecture that elegantly complements any style of an interior design project. 

With a deep convex back, this piece presents a big and round seat to provide all the comfort you need. The inner part of the back includes several lines stitched across the piece, which is a perfect combination of durability, ergonomics, and style. A small pillow is included with this armchair to make sure to have all the lumbar support you need.

A classic form where each detail tells a different story and is full of surprises

Greta Armchair

We had to include Greta in these armchairs’ list.

Greta Armchair is perfect if you love a pleasant moment with a good book. With the right amount of comfort, it will look great in every kind of environment. It is proof that aesthetics and ergonomics when combined, result beautifully and it is available in two versions, with a lower back and a higher back

Greta measured proportions perfectly balance thickness and straight lines. The four-leg structure is presented in wood while the seat, back, and armrest are fully upholstered. Across the piece, stitching is found to increase its durability and charm.

Infinite customization options are available to make sure Greta Armchair is the perfect solution for your design project.

Ruth Armchair

Ruth Armchair is part of our new collection. It offers elegant curves within a fluid silhouette, being a mandatory piece for rooms that make a difference. 

It is a harmonious combination of various finishes conceived as an ideal seat both for residential and contract projects. The backrest and seat flow uninterruptedly into the armrest to create moments of great relaxation. The wooden base, which can be customized into metallic finishes, combines elegance and comfort. There are two lines stitched across the back for high resistance and slender design.

Ruth is the statement piece you have been looking for and it is ready to tell you a story of our path through handmade production in the most subtle way.

Legacy Armchair

Last but not least, Legacy Armchair. Pleasing to the eye and fully functional, this natural leather armchair features high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Characterized by curved lines and minimalist design, this is the seating piece to enjoy simple moments.

This stunning armchair is the result of highly innovative solutions attached to functional and cosy shapes, merging into a harmonious craftwork design. Without armrests, the wide back smoothly flows into the structure. 

Legacy is a welcoming armchair, fully upholstered and customizable, that promises to complement your great taste.

Which one would fit best in your home decor? We would love to know your thoughts about these armchairs! And if none of them fit in the interior design project you’re working on, dare yourself to get to know all our armchairs!


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