Rigorous Yet Exceptional: Our New Benches

Last year, we launched Colbert Bench and it was a success. Everyone was talking about it, and it became one of our best-sellers. We received several messages to get to know more about the piece, people looked for us at trade shows just to see it live and experience how comfortable and good-looking it is. It was a success!

For this new collection, the expectations on our design team could not be higher: they had to develop something that could compete with Colbert’s success and that is when our benches Henry and Vincent were born.

Henry and Vincent Benches follow our well-known philosophy of high-quality materials to an enduring product, with an exceptional detail: a rigorous production process for a classic look, to comprove our excellence when it comes to our craftsmen. Talent comes from hard work and these pieces can express exactly why – a picture is worth more than a thousand words, isn’t what they say? Read the full article to meet our special stars of our new collection.

Henry Bench

Henry Bench express harmony through every single detail. It was inspired by the contemporary traces found in the nature that were brought together to represent something that is actually timeless and durable.

It features a small cushion (that can be removed or adjusted) for an eye-catching look that offers an unbelievable comfort experience. The highlight goes for the rigorous production process of the feet, for the hard-work that is put on its production to look incredibly balanced.

Available in two sizes, this product’s small size is upholstered with weaves Helmand 02 while the structure can be found in black ash; when it comes to the large size, Henry Bench is upholstered in velvet Clarence BS7 with a natural ash structure.

Exhaling a classic but elegant flair, Henry Bench is a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly coordinates its refined materials to something that feels exclusive and is unique.

Vincent Bench

A rigorous scheme of contrasts between the wooden structure and the upholstered seat is what makes this piece that transport us into a magic dimension where everything is aesthetically beautiful. Vincent Bench pays tribute to the handcrafted tradition full of talent.

It is released in two sizes with different materials and finishes to compose something extraordinaire. This way, the small size has a fabric structure of natural leather Desna Agave and a structure made of Fumé Stained Ash. When it comes to the large size, you can find weaves Logone 69 and black ash.

This design is not only pleasing to the eye but also for the touch, allowing your interior to incorporate its elegance and authenticity for life. Distinguished by its look, Vincent has a traditional style providing a sturdy expression to the contemporary world.

Each detail of Vincent expresses character with its honourable high-quality materials.

We are aware that the essence is only finalised when an interior is completely finished but you cannot ignore how exceptional these benches are for themselves. Their ability to bring a distinguished impression to the room will allow you to make wonders without effort.

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