Sofas: Real Comfort For Good Moments

Every living room must be designed to have a soothing, calm atmosphere for everyone in the space, very much as a retreat from a busy lifestyle. To provide this kind of feeling, you should start with the piece that sets the mood in the room: the sofaAfter you make this choice, it will be so much easier to pick the rest of the furniture and decorative elements. 

A sofa should have a timeless feel mixed with a fluid shape if you want a living room that lives longer. It should be produced with high-quality materials and hand-crafted to make sure that it will survive the test of time and fit perfectly in your room. This selection of five sofas designed by Domkapa has undeniable quality and comfort for pleasant moments. Take a seat and find out which one is better for you!

Shinto Sofa

The first solution in our selection of sofas is the most special of our collection.

Shinto Sofa works out as a revolution for every kind of space because of its modular system: chair, chair with chaise longue, pouf… The choice is yours so make sure you make a good one!

A modular system is the best solution for everyone who likes to make a little change sometimes, providing the freedom to create the combination of your dreams. And best of all: it will work almost as a sofa created just for you, you won’t find it anywhere else!

On the back of each module, two black texturized steel bars slide to the bottom of the Shinto Sofa, featuring delicate gold stainless steel details. Sleek piping flows across this sofa to complete an exclusive design with great functionality and comfort.

Made with a combination of Weaves Arno 51, Microfibers Tarn 24, and Rose Gold Brushed, the Shinto Sofa will reinvent your day, every day, bringing extravagant creations to your life.

Pictured Materials: Tarn 22 & Black Texturized Steel & Rose Gold Brushed / Columbia Pearl & Black Texturized Steel & Rose Gold Brushed

Stella Sofa

Stella Sofa’s gentle curves remind us of women’s delicacy. It was born to be placed in unique decorations even if you have a small space.

Produced in velvet Aldan 2928 and Walnut Stained Ash, this exclusive design has a deep convex back. Resting on a wooden base, this piece features gentle piping from the top to the bottom of the back for a greater illusion.

This flirty, sophisticated sofa will allow you to receive your family, friends, and other guests in the most stylish way possible. 

Enveloping lines and generous proportions characterize Stella Sofa without giving up the ergonomic function.

Pictured Materials: Columbia Nata & Walnut Stained Ash

Juliet Sofa

Among this selection of sofas, meet the one that is characterized by soft curves and balanced proportions: we dare you to evolve into Juliet’s sweetness to create perfect harmony in your living room design. 

The backrest extends to the sides creating subtle and elegant armrests. The highlight of this piece is represented by the carefully upholstered slopes, emphasized by horizontal bands of haute-couture stitching. This voluptuous design has the most desirable curves to show you how comfort doesn’t have to be boring

Fitted, originally, in Weaves Logone 01 and Black Texturized Steel is perfect for contemporary or even minimalistic design projects for maximum comfort and endless creativity

A welcoming sofa inspired by a concept of elegance, comfort, and intimacy is the ultimate feature you didn’t know you needed.

Pictured Materials: Desna Wine & Smoky Black

Aniston Sofa

If you’re looking for straight and rectangular lines, then the next solution is for you.

Available in two-seater, three-seater, and chaise longue versions, Aniston Sofa is a modern design piece where rectangular lines merge harmoniously with bold angles.

It was originally designed with Weaves Arno 11 mixed with Black Texturized Steel in the legs for the most exclusive look; but you can change it however you need to fit in your lifestyle, needs, and personality.

Supported by multiple stainless steel trapeze feet, both armrests are wide and padded for extra comfort. Along the back, padded cushions come together to form a perfect seating piece that invites you to experience moments of happiness.

We don’t need to explain to you why Aniston is the perfect addition to your living room, right?

Pictured Materials: Columbia Pearl & Onyx Polished

Taís Sofa

For a creative yet sophisticated space, Taís Sofa is the go-to option that demonstrates the imagination of the highly experienced Domkapa’s design team. 

Taís Sofa inspires us with its charming identity that allows you to compose the perfect living room set.

With a fabric structure of natural leather Desna Polvere and legs made of Nickel Polished Stainless Steel, this lovely design piece is available in two-seater, three-seater, and chaise longue versions for a customized look. 

With fixed seating cushions that overboard with the rest of the structure, this design piece pays attention to ergonomics and functionality and presents extraordinary seaming details. 

Taís Sofa stands out thanks to its spider feet and legs which makes this design unforgettable.

Pictured Materials: Columbia Mouse & Black Texturized Steel

“Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.”

– Mark Hampton

Which one is the best for your living room? We would love to know your feedback regarding this selection of sofas specially made for you.

For the most demanding needs, get to know all our sofas, and remember that Domkapa’s team is always available to help you find the perfect piece for your interior design project. We aim to create successful partnerships and we want to be part of your life. 

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