Stylish Bar Chairs For Your Bar Design

Times are changing and so do our way to spend our free time. Nowadays we look for different ideas and plans to do on the weekends. We want a pleasant moment with our family and friends, forgetting all our problems and the work we need to do next week.

Summer calls for parties and enjoying a good drink so we decided to show you the selection of our lovely bar chairs for your client to spend a fabulous moment with his guests. Versatility is one of the best characteristics when it comes to furniture selection and these bar chairs are exactly that: versatile – and they are available on a counter chair version as well. Let’s see!

Camille Bar Chair

Camille Bar Chair exhales confidence and the magnificence of a goddess thanks to its lines inspired by a concept of seduction. This sophisticated chair is upholstered in Microfibers Tarn 17 supported on Fumé Stained Beech legs with some details in Gold Polished Stainless Steel – however, as the most of Domkapa’s collection, you can customize it as much as you need to fit harmoniously in your bar design or even in a kitchen.

It is surely designed to make a statement, bringing an effective alliance of sophistication and comfort to satisfy the most demanding needs; and assuring you a lavish experience.

Eva Bar Chair

For nature lovers, Eva Bar Chair recalls hot weather and pleasant summers, right? This feeling is only possible thanks to its detailed woven-work technique on the back that makes it stand out in every interior design project.

Having a structure of Black Lacquered and upholstered with the Patterned Fabric Verdon 03, this Bar Chair promises you a good-looking experience guaranteed by the soft and gentle lines along with the design, giving it a mix of contemporary design in a vintage vibe.

It is also available as a chair – Eva Chair – so you can place it in a kitchen design. Also, for its fun twist, it can be added to more rooms in a house. It is time for you to add a sense of modernity to your projects!

Louise Bar Chair

The truth is… Louise Bar Chair is filled with sophistication, luxury, and elegance – that’s the result of a combination of Weaves Helmand 10, Natural Ash, Polished Stainless Steel and some details of Brushed Gold Polished Stainless Steel. The recipe is here but no one produces it with so much love and cares as our production team – this is the secret ingredient. That’s right: Domkapa has no secrets with you!

Louise Chair will amaze you thanks to its confidence in every detail and character in its design. Having upholstered back and seat, its slightly curvy back promises to provide a relaxing, cosy moment with a daring design. Simple and sophisticated lines match any décor and enhance the room.

Stranger Bar Chair

Stranger Bar Chair is for industrial-style seekers. This seating design provides powerful energy being an impactful symbol of strength.

It is produced in Weaves Arno 51 on its back and arms and Microfibers Tarn 05 while its structure is made of Black Texturized Steel with some details of Gold Brushed Stainless Steel. Stranger’s slight curvy lines on the back and seat were conceived thinking about providing the best of an empowering seat, having extra comfort.

Stranger is also available in chair and armchair versions and will add a strong impression to any project.

Gram Bar Chair

We are living in an era where we feel the urge of expressing our personality and identity in the way we dress, the music we listen to, the books we read and how we design our home will also do the work for you. Gram Bar Chair is perfect for design aficionados.

Geometrical and unexpected shapes are the perfect eye-catching option, especially when they are made with Natural Leather Desna Wine for a sophistication sense aligned on a structure of Black Texturized Steel.

This attractive design is very adaptable to any environment and it can be found in a chair version for a special touch.

These designs will offer you a classic atmosphere where you will feel relaxed. Make sure you choose the perfect colour so your clients can feel fresh after a good, cosy moment in their bar design.

Your thoughts are important to us and we would love to know which one of these bar chairs is your favourite! And, remember, that these pieces are also available in a counter chair version to fulfil your needs.

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