Telling Stories Through Interiors: A Living Room Project

Defined by a strong colour palette, refined with simple lines and a beautiful mix of textures – this is the living room design we bring you today.

A tailored design plan conceived to deliver comfort through textured fabrics and the most skilled artisans and craftsmen in Portugal was brought to the world to show you that beauty is in detail, bringing out different visions and perspectives.

With an eye for detail and a great passion for design, our highly experienced design team combined Taís Sofa, Panton Table Set, Low Pouf and Ada Pillow to show you how luxury can be marvelous and yet simple.

This way, Taís Sofa was chosen for a comfortable, warm, cosy night in because it pays attention to ergonomics and functionality. With fixed seating cushions that overboard the rest of the structure, Taís holds a charming identity that allows composing the perfect living room set giving a touch of americano accent with an entire spectrum of rich and earthy colours.

Produced originally in natural leather Desna Polvere, this seating piece presents extraordinary seaming details and stands out especially because of its spider legs in nickel stainless steel. A coffee-coloured hue is, surely, a timeless option for the ones who are looking for cosy materials and comfort.

Next to Taís, Ada Pillow gives us a mixed feeling: it makes us feel nostalgic but also surprised. No one thought that a pillow would make such a difference in home decor, right?

Ada Pillow features three different fabrics which complement and contrast at the same time, for a unique result, being a perfect accessory for every sofa or even armchair. It is also available in three more colours for you to guarantee the final look you’ve always dreamed of.

Marked by three earthy colours and organic shapes, Ada Pillow transcends that 60’s flair by her turning around this living room.

Around a summer infusion of dry plants, the Panton Table Set finds its home. Inspired by nature, this functional piece is a true piece of art surrounded by organic shapes and luxurious vibes all over the place.

Composed of a coffee table and two side tables of different sizes, the Panton Set embellishes every domestic setting and public venue with its gentle shapes. A visual scent is provided by a top in bronze glass welded to a conical wooden base of natural walnut mate on the coffee table or grey beige matte lacquered on the side tables. Across the piece, you will find gentle gold brushed stainless steel and black texturized details that promise to stand out in every room it is placed.

And because an additional seating piece is always needed to receive guests in our living room, the curved Low Pouf catches the eye, leaving a philosophy of “Curvature is never enough”.

This upholstered seating has the ability to embrace a classic design with its subtle shapes. Its round shape is fully upholstered in microfibers tarn 11 with a wooden base of walnut-stained ash making sure this is an eternal piece. The gentle pleats along the side make sure to bring extra elegance to the design that can be easily adapted to any kind of project.

A passion for detailed stitching made us a reference in the upholstery design world and we aim to help our customers reach success in every interior design project they work for. All our products are 100% Portuguese produced with high-quality materials and by hand.

Let us show you how you can elevate your home design and contact us to find out what real comfort is all about.

Real comfort, visual and physical, is vital to every room.
– Mark Hampton

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