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The Power Of A Modular Sofa

Whether you are starting a new interior design project or even designing your dream home, you may already know that no living room is complete without a comfortable sofa that makes the space feel inviting.

Finding the perfect sofa is one of the most important furnishings you can make, as there are millions options through the internet and furniture stores; so you better have in mind what you are looking for.

“But, Domkapa, how can I know what I am looking for?”

There are several aspects you should keep in mind to know exactly what you are looking for:

  • Where are you going to place it?

According to the shape of your room, there are many options you can pick when it comes to placing a sofa; so, consider your lifestyle and when are you planning to use the sofa; but don’t forget about the style of your living room.

  • How big it should be?

Know exactly the dimensions of the place where you want to place it and which number of seats you may need.

  • Which kind of fabric and colours?

Choosing the right fabric and colours is vital. After all, if you have a pet or even children, your living room can turn into mess in seconds.

At Domkapa, we have several fabrics with pet proof treatments, such as: Neva (velvet), Aldan (velvet). Also, synthetic leathers such as Rupert and Oder can be great options for its resistance. When it comes to children, you may want to choose fabrics as Tarn (microfiber), Rupert (synthetic leather), Oder (synthetic leather), Thames (natural leather) and Desna (natural leather). Check all our materials here.

Once you pick the right fabric, it is important to be aware of the cleaning treatments for your sofa to last.

  • The little details

How do you want to feel when you sit? Would you like arms? Do you wish to feel embraced when you are reading a book? How will it work on your decoration?

These questions will help you eliminating options when it comes to pick a sofa.

One of the greatest options is, surely, a modular sofa, for its flexibility.

A modular sofa will allow you to change its layout whenever you feel tired of your home decor as they are built in sections and not to be only one. Thus, you will be able to enjoy its comfort for longer and take advantage of the space. After all, a modular sofa is an investment for life.



What is the power of a modular sofa? ZConcept can show you exactly that, with the Avalon Center Kft project. By picking the beautiful Disruption Modular Sofa, ZConcept developed an inviting reception in Miskolc, Hungary.

Here, the combination of colours plays nicely and provide a fun twist to a sophisticated reception where business is done. The lighting selection makes it into something aesthetically pleasing and provides a serene atmosphere.

ZConcept is a distributor based in Hungary that finds the right solutions for interior design professionals. Between offices to receptions, restaurants and conference rooms, from ZConcept you can expect nothing but excellence and professionalism that made them reach into Domkapa’s partners.

Address: Hungary, 1036 Budapest, Nagyszombat utca 1
Phone: +36 304 274 594
E-mail: [email protected]

What kind of sofa would you pick for your living room design? Leave us your thoughts through our comment section and share inspiring insights!

Featured & Project Images: ZConcept

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