Salone del Mobile 2022: What Not To Miss

Salone del Mobile is a trade show based in Milan, Italy and it showcases several brands, from materials to furniture. It was founded in 1961 as a vehicle to promote Italian furniture brands but the range of exhibitors expanded quite quickly because of its success.

From classic to minimalistic furniture, you will be able to see products in person from your favourite brands and get to know more about interior design and architecture concerns as it also showcases meetings and conferences with influential people in the industry.

During Salone del Mobile, you can find technological advancements, meet new cultures and brands and especially you will recognize what are the trends of the present and the future.

Image Credits: Milano 2022 map by Federica Fragapane | Salone del Mobile

This year, Salone del Mobile celebrates its 60th anniversary and it has already started. You have until June 12th to visit this marvellous trade show. We didn’t have the opportunity to be there, but you surely don’t want to miss it!

Recognized by interior designers and architects as a reference of the industry’s source of ideas and inspirations, these are the spots you can’t miss at Salone del Mobile!

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

Salone Internazionale del Mobile reflects the design world as a place to interface new designs and mixes different lifestyles and cultures. Shaped with meaningful companies, it is split into three sections:

  • Classic: a section that mirrors the value of tradition and craftsmanship, especially with pieces made to incorporate the classic style.
  • Design: functional products, where innovation and the sense of style are the main subjects.
  • xLux: a section that draws itself with luxury but in a timeless and contemporary way.

This laboratory mixes the history of design and furnishing of the past, present and future combining quality, and technology.

Image Credits: Andrea Mariani | Salone del Mobile

International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition

Image Credits: Alessandro Russotti | Salone del Mobile

This exhibition is all about home accessories, decorative elements and textiles in all styles. It was launched in 1989 to make this trade show even more complete as the industry increased the search for decorative goods.

The International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition presents quality and innovation through a scope of decorative pieces, encompassing the entire home furnishing system. We all know that details are preponderant to a home design and these ones redesign the space when combined, making it even more beautiful and elegant, reflecting the owner’s personality.

Workplace 3.0

After this dark period, our concept of work changed completely and it is urgent to follow this need and comprehend how we can keep up with these changes and what we need to do to find new methods. Workplace 3.0 is the starting point to understanding how to respond to the upcoming market changes and needs, reflecting new approaches and ideas through design and technology.

“This exhibition format is a genuine reflection of the social transformation of the workspace into a flexible, permeable and dynamic area, ripe for professional interaction and engagement with other day-to-day activities.”

Image Credits: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri | Salone del Mobile

Fields such as the kitchen and bathroom are also explored, with EuroCucina with the side event FTK: Technology For the Kitchen, with 39 exhibitors and International Bathroom Exhibition, with 172.

EuroCucina / FTK – Technology For the Kitchen

Image Credits: Saverio Lombardi Vallauri | Salone del Mobile

As the year goes by, everyone is getting even more interested in the kitchen sector, and Technology For the Kitchen was launched in 1974 to respond to this huge interest.

Sustainability and efficiency are the main subjects in the halls of this 23rd edition, not to mention how the industry can turn kitchens into places of conviviality and socializing. After all, the domestic hub is nowadays a multipurpose room.

With quality products, EuroCucina embodies contemporary design and technology advancements where new shapes and materials help to redesign kitchens in the best way.

International Bathroom Exhibition

International Bathroom Exhibition is a reflection of the evolution of bathrooms. Launched in 2003, it showcases the quality and high-performance pieces we all need and are going to find in the future of furniture brands. These products are all about the ergonomics, colours and accessories that stimulate the feeling of wellness.

Image Credits: Andrea Mariani | Salone del Mobile


“SaloneSatellite’s mission is to bolster the ties between research, design and industry.”

Image Credits: Ludovica Mangini | Salone del Mobile

For designers under 35, it facilitates the relationship with businesses to help them to prepare to enter the profession and market.

Along with the SaloneSatellite Award, it was launched in 2010 and it is perfect to create involvement between these professionals as it showcases new prototypes that have not been produced and, as expected, are not in the market.

Cultural proposals such as Design with Nature by the architect Mario Cucinella and The Magic Box signed by Davide Rampello are also presented with value, where sustainability and history are blended with design.

And, of course, conferences are a must in design tradeshows, right? There are two of them:

  • Sustainability: Three Different Episodes, with Maria Cristina Didero, Victoria Siddall, Daan Roosegaarde and Eva Feldkamp;
  • Radical Nature: The Design and Science of Worldbuilding, with Beatrice Leanza, Marjan van Aubel, Anab Jain, and Liam Young;

Also, make sure you don’t miss the documentary GREEN GRADS. A special British initiative to promote new talent and care for the Planet, by David Morris, Barbara Chandler and Michael Czerwinski, which explores green ideas.

We believe we don’t need to show you more to prove you that you really need to be present! If you’re at Salone del Mobile tell us all about your experience, we are excited to know! Visit also our Travel Guide Trough Milan for a design lover so you can meet new places to visit, sleep and eat in this beautiful landmark of design.

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