A Design Guide For Your Next Bedroom Project

Providing a sense of calmness and softness, a bedroom should always be optimized for sleep but also must reflect your personality and taste. It is distinguished for being a private place in a home design, so you must give the right attention to its details while creating a timeless place.

Before you start to design a bedroom project, you should have in mind your lifestyle. Understanding what kind of person you are, how you wake up and what you do when you wake up can have a huge impact on your life. Also, which style you like the most and can fit your lifestyle? What do you usually do in a bedroom besides sleeping? You will need answers to these questions so you can start designing your bedroom. They will help you not only to set the mood of the room (through colours and style) but also will do wonders when making a selection of the furniture and decorative elements.

We don’t want you to get out of options, so we decided to bring you some advice on how you can design a bedroom in the best way! Keep reading.

Colours: choose them wisely

It is proven that the colour palette can change the whole mood of a room and the bedroom is no different. Colours can influence your perception of temperature and time, our decisions, and our performance during your day. Due to this, you may want to choose them wisely to ensure you soothing feelings and a relaxing retreat where you can save yourself from all the everyday trouble.

Considering the colour palette for your bedroom design can be a challenging task, but Domkapa gathered a few tips on picking the right one:


Neutrals are the safest option for everybody and every style, especially when your mood gets easily affected by the decor and organization of a space. As you may know, they can fit in every type of furniture and other bold colours. Otherwise, you can also mix neutrals with neutrals which will make you always in style.

They give us the sensation of calmness and are easy to update when you get bored. Also, it is an elegant colour scheme, especially when you mix it with textures – a full neutral bedroom is amazing with lots of texture!


Pastels are subtle but powerful, as this colour palette brings more lightness and sophistication to the room. They are the type of colours that you won’t get tired of very easily and if you do, just mix it with a bold colour – this is the antidote for every problem when it comes to playing with colour. They have a anger-relief power and represent peace and balance.


Bold-coloured bedrooms are for those who enjoy taking risks and are prepared to conquer all the obstacles on their way. Bold colours can be very tricky because they make us get bored easily but can also make your room calm and refreshed. If you play with them in the right way, your bedroom will be the inspiring place you look for.

These are some bold colours that are more popular among others:

  • Blue tones: will make your room feel cooler but it can be also calming and relaxing.
  • Red tones: will increase your energy levels and make your routine exciting for its intensity.
  • Yellow colour palette: it represents joy and happiness, getting your days off to a good start.
  • Greens: will make you feel calm and refreshed.
  • Purple and black: these are good shades if you want an extra dose of sophisticated and luxurious. They will lower your energy levels and yet can work as a confidence-boosting tool.
  • Orange colours: these are very stimulating so if you have trouble falling asleep, it would be better not to choose them. They will make you feel excited to start your day.

Bold colours are willing to give you an instant cheer and increase the impact when you enter the room. Go with your gut and forget about the rules!

Only essential furniture but lots of storage

When it comes to designing a home it is important to keep a balance between the quantity of furniture and decorative accessories and the empty space in a room. A large quantity of furniture can make you feel overwhelmed and, let’s be honest, it will be difficult to keep it clean.

That is the reason for this idea. You should work on a selection of furniture that is essential and have enough storage for everything you need – a minimalistic approach can never go wrong. This way, two bedside tables, one bed, a tall dresser, a chest of drawers and one armchair will do the best for you.

If you got interested by this idea, you may want to check our An Essential Minimalistic Style Guide.

Ceiling: keep it simple

The ceiling is also important, especially when you lay in bed and stare at it. Consider painting the ceiling with a light colour so you can make your bedroom more stylish. These types of colours can help you lower the ceiling so you can have a sense of intimacy.

However, you can go audacious and incorporate some architectural details. Combined with some artificial lighting, this kind of texture will provide your bedroom with a touch of luxury.

Include a personal space

Personal spaces are a sign of sophistication. Also known as “your space” it is usually designed with a simple armchair and a side table – yes, these two elements make all the difference in your home, especially if you are part of the people that like to read a good book or just checking your social media in a quiet space. However, if you have a small place, you can turn it into a simple, small office with just one secretary.

It will be your own sanctuary, the place where you can be yourself and just do whatever you want.

Make it your own

The last idea of this guide to design a bedroom is to make it your own. That’s right: place all the objects you think reflect you and your lifestyle. These objects can be books, plants and flowers if you are a nature lover – there are a lot of options for you to pick from!

We are sure that these tips will help you to find your path when you start your next bedroom project. After all, Domkapa is here to make your life meaningful and easier, right? We would love to see the outcome of these tips so feel free to contact us.


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