A Style Guide To Contemporary Design

Contemporary interior design is one of the most popular interior design styles in the industry and, sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish this style from others. However, the contemporary style is the most welcoming of them all!

Influenced by the different styles that have been emerging during contemporary’s existence, this style means here and now – the style of the moment. It was developed in the latter of the 20th century and focuses on colour, space, and shape. This popular style can be found usually in open floor plans and spaces with a minimal approach fulfilled with simplicity and attention to craftsmanship.

Today we bring you an ultimate design guide for contemporary interiors for you to learn how you can combine different materials and finishes. After using these ideas and inspirations, you will be creating innovative designs, so keep reading!

A contemporary space comprehends a huge diversity of distinct characteristics and techniques that you can add now to your interior design projects. Here are some of them:

Reorganize your space

A room with too many objects and furniture will make you feel that it is smaller than you think. We advise you to reorganize it, considering each object’s purpose and place. Try to have as much organizing storage as you can so you can keep the space with a clean aesthetic mixed with functionality. Your client is going to love it!

This way, you need to select the right furniture pieces, with some minimalistic design which takes us to the next idea.

Geometric and Minimalistic Furniture

This style’s described using geometrical forms in furniture that are minimal. It is defined by lines and spaces but always having in mind the client’s everyday life and important objects he can not give up on.

The furniture selection needs to allow you to store these objects and have also a geometrical shape.

Incorporate natural materials

Natural materials will allow the furniture to live longer so you can create a space that is timeless.

Usually, the contemporary style is known for its use of metal, stone, and clear glass but you can choose the materials your client mainly likes. You may want to find materials that your client will still love in a few years so refuse to choose trendy materials. Trends come and go, don’t let your home décor be defined by them!

Bold Colours vs Neutrals

As we told you before, contemporary style is all about simplicity so you better avoid gaudy prints and patterns. Don’t worry, it won’t forbid you to create the decoration of your client’s dreams!

Contemporary signature style is all about a bold colour playing against neutrals which is what makes interior design something fun and stylish.

Smooth flooring and textures

This traditional look is used in different spaces for hundreds of years. Smooth flooring is versatile and beautiful without ever forgetting the endless design possibilities it gives you, especially when it comes to this style. You can mix this soulful characteristic with some textures and baam! Contemporary style all at once!

These textures can be used in rugs, creative lighting, décor items and even curtains. It will affect the room’s mood so make sure that these textures are exactly what your client looks for so you can create a scheme that is rich and full of depth.

Details are important

That’s right: details are really important if you want to be successful at what you’re designing. You can bet on large and dramatic flowers and plants so you can create a main focal point in the room, or even in a lighting selection with some gold details to make a difference.

Contemporary is actually a fun style to design a room. It will stand the test of time, being as much beautiful and stylish as it is comfortable and welcoming, don’t you agree?

We would love to see your interior design styles based on this guide so feel free to show us!

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