An Essential Minimalistic Style Guide

Similar to the modern style, a minimalistic interior design prevails for the use of the bare essentials in its furniture selection and decorative items to create a simple space. So, if you’re a practical person that doesn’t like too much clutter, then this article is for you! That’s right, today we bring you an essential guide if you want to master the minimalistic style.

Minimalistic style is one of the most popular styles of the moment as it is characterized by simple lines and a monochromatic palette with a few pops of colour. It is perfect for small places (which will make it look larger), but it also looks beautiful in wider ones. You will see!

These are our tips if you want to design a minimalistic project:

1. Unclutter the space

The mantra of the minimalistic interior design is to go for simplicity. For this reason, this style shares one fundamental point of modern design: furniture with purpose. If you have in mind the use of pieces with a double duty, even better!

Get rid of everything that doesn’t have a function and go for the furniture that your client will use a lot in the future. As well as savy storage and multifunctionality spaces, pieces with hidden storage made with high-quality materials so they can live longer are welcome!

2. Forget about the interior design trends

Leave behind interior design trends. The main goal here is to find simple pieces that look good every season and year after year – pieces that not feel too old.

3. It’s all about the visuals

Minimalism is all about finding pieces with the right look. If you’re asking how you can identify “the right look”, the main elements of this interior design style are:

  • A consistent colour palette

Our advice is to go for neutrals because they look good no matter what. However, you can go also for monochromatic schemes as they are so stylish and easy to combine with. Pops of colour in the furniture or textiles would also look beautiful when well blended – this way, you can create focal points in the room.

The essence of minimalism is to reduce forms and colours to their simplest way to create bright designs.

  • Clean lines

Furniture with clean lines and geometrical shapes make your space look simple and sleek. They are better to storage much more items and you won’t get bored that quickly.

The furniture selection must be focused on functionality and practicality, with smooth surfaces for bold statements and to emphasise the essential nature of the piece. This way, avoid highly detailed items.

4. Incorporate textures and impacting elements

As you are designing spaces with simple furniture, it is good to fulfil your space with some texture for beautiful shots of personality. Textures can make your space even more elegant and sophisticated. One of the most common ways to incorporate this feature is to play with textiles, such as textured curtains, for example.

Textures can be impacting for themselves. However, some details of stainless steel can also be remarkable. The secret is to blend all these features with a minimalistic approach.

5. Minimalistic architecture, open spaces and flat surfaces

Minimalism is not all about decoration! Minimalistic architecture is based on simple spaces, with plain materials, geometric forms and, most important of all, repetition – this will give you a sense of order and unification.

It is conventional to use flat surfaces and straight components with clean lines.

Minimalistic design, in general, provide us the feeling of cosiness and calmness for its simplicity. But, please, keep in mind that reaching this atmosphere is a process it doesn’t have to be achieved overnight. It is such an elegant style having in mind functionality, which are the main elements we try to focus on when designing our upholstery.

Check out our offer and let us know which one would look amazing in your minimalistic – we would love to know!

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