Be Inspired By The Best Interior Designers In Mexico

Between France and USA, you may already know the best professionals to go to when you are in the need of designing your space. But do you know the best interior designers in Mexico? Well, this is what we bring you today: a source of endless design inspiration from those who love what they do and who know what they are doing. Let’s meet them.

Andres Guitierrez

Located in Mexico, Andres Gutierrez founded his interior design studio in 2012: the internationally recognized studio Andres Guitierrez. It focuses on residential and commercial fields where the needs of today’s society, Mexican history, and culture and even his everyday life works as the main inspirations for his ideas and creativity.

Each project is envisioned to achieve a sensory and sentimental connection between the user and the space, expressing authentic perspectives through beautiful interiors that we invite you to see – if you were looking for inspiration, it is right here!

Andres’ vision has so many different and magnificent projects that made him recognized with several awards and this will not stop here. As his experience goes from interior design to art or even furniture design, Andres Guitierrez promises you to feel something as soon as you see its works of art. And the best of all: he loves breaking rules and changing narratives. Interesting, isn’t it?

Image Credits: Andres Guitiérrez Studio

Comitē De Proyectos

Flowing between the subjective and the functional, Comitē De Proyectos is inspiring. Founded in 2014 in Mexico, this interior design studio was founded by Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto who work together since 2010.

This studio offers not only interior design services but also furniture design, where they develop multiple sculptural objects exhibited in museums and galleries around Mexico and abroad. Their furniture is also used in residential and commercial projects.

When it comes to interior design, the blending of functionality and timelessness is the secret ingredient to translating emotions and sensations into their work; where the final result is contemporary styled spaces that are durable and with the right amount of balance between colours and shades, textures and shapes. After all, they are always looking for harmony that can be found in the craft and the market, technique and art.

Image Credits: Comitē De Proyectos


Born in 1968, Héctor Esrawe founded his own company in 2003 in order to express his experience in the design world. The name of the company is Esrawe and it is a multidisciplinary studio that offers services such as interior design, furniture design and architectural solutions for residential and commercial ambiences.

Héctor is bold, visionary and doesn’t do things by the book. He develops outstanding furniture while the interiors are even better – they invite us to explore and to experience the comfort of Esrawe’s designs.

From this interior design studio, you can expect nothing but a unique point of view where each project has its narrative, a unique language inspired by the heritageEsrawe Studio does not forget where it came from, believing in continuous learning in order to create an exclusive dialogue with the space.

Image Credits: Esrawe

Tatiana Bilbao Studio

Tatiana Bilbao Studio is an interior design studio based in Mexico that was founded in 2014 by Tatiana Bilbao, one of the current teachers at Yale University School of Architecture.

This studio is lucky to be one of the leading voices when it comes to contemporary architecture for merging, in every project, geometry and nature, focused on sustainable design and a different perspective.

It is responsible for projects that have in mind “how do we want to build, live, dwell and work together – not only in the future, but already now”, making them timeless. However, empathy, attitude and responsibility are always in their approach.

Tatiana Bilbao aspires to do much more than just create good architecture and, amongst others, you will quickly recognize their talent.

Image Credits: Tatiana Bilbao

Lamzo Design

Founded in 2015 by Jaime Lavin and Miguel Padrón, Lamzo Design is an interior design studio based in Mexico that conceives unique ambiences having always in mind those who live in it.

This way, Jaime and Miguel work together with their design team for you to achieve the space of your dreams, arranging harmonious spaces with exclusive furniture and the perfect quantity of design and colour, symmetry and beautiful shapes that lift your mood as soon as you enter the space.

As soon as they start an interior design project, the first goal is to get to know as best as they can the people who will live in the space. This studio aims to create functional and stylish spaces so it is truly preponderant for the success of the project to understand and feel the owner. And that is why they don’t work on a particular style: what you like, what you dream of is what matters with Lamzo. Provoking a permanent feeling of happiness is the key for their work.

Image Credits: Lamzo Design

If you are from Mexico, these are the ones who you should be looking for when you have a space to design. They are creative and inspiring and work hard every day to be where they are.

Do you know other ones? Share them with us!

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