Beautiful Interiors & Special Details By Fabiia Interiors

Fabiia Interiors is a specialist supplier of furniture, lighting and other accessories based in London, United Kingdom. It was founded by the creative interior designer Shija Walia and her husband Dr Jiten Walia who supply products from high-quality brands for all kinds of fields – when it comes to the residential, commercial and hospitality fields. Fabiia Interiors is the right solution for you to find the perfect designs for interior design projects. 

Fabiia Interiors works especially for interior designers who aim for beautiful interiors through exclusive materials with special details. This marvellous store has a people-first philosophy – every client, every collaborator, and every partner comes first – which will ensure you a tailored experience that will amaze you in many ways.

It is easy to see why Fabiia Interiors is our partner, right? Between a personalized service through its diversity of high-quality products and its on-budget, in-time delivery, this store is a must-stop if you are in London. You will find not only some of Domkapa’s products but also emerging designer brands from France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, and Turkey.

If you are not convinced yet, we gathered three strong reasons to choose Fabiia Interiors

  • You can check the product’s quality for yourself

Fabiia has its own store in London where you can find furniture, lighting and accessories that were carefully selected all under one roof. Each detail of these products was verified so you can expect the finest quality for your interior design projects and even for your residence.

  • Fabiia Interiors offers a consultation service

This consultation service is perfect for those who want to visualize the project according to the furniture and lighting selection. This way, you will know the outcome. 

  • A dedicated Customer Service that cares for each client

Fabiia Interiors has a team of professionals dedicated to managing your account and taking care of all your requirements; ensuring you products that suit your conditions, your budget and the date you expect to finish your project. 

If you are from London and are interested in getting to know our products, we strongly advise you to visit Fabiia Interiors. This inspiring showroom has a Domkapa corner with some of our products.

As you may know, Domkapa is all about handcrafted upholstery made with high-quality materials and at Fabiia Interiors you have the opportunity to meet our identity, what we are made of!

Have you ever visited this showroom in London? Let us know all about your experience through the e-mail [email protected], we would love to know your thoughts!

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