BIANCOEBIANCA: An Inspiring Concept of Colours

It’s inspiration time! As you know, we work every day to be your endless source of inspiration and today’s subject is no different! How do you feel about residential projects? Well, we love them! This time is the turn of BIANCOEBIANCA to show us how beautiful are their interiors. Shall we see?

Based in Timișoara (Romania), BIANCOEBIANCA is a multidisciplinary studio that offers multiple services, such as interior design, architecture, graphic, and product design. It was founded by Elie Kamel and Timeea Bianca Diosi, two lovely professionals that met, grew, and studied in Italy, the country that is the ambassador of design, fashion, and beauty.

Starting with mood boards, this highly creative team takes inspiration from different colours, minimalism and a mix of textures and patterns to conceive interiors like you have never seen before.

For BIANCOEBIANCA, the world doesn’t need beauty as much as it needs functionality. Firstly, we need to think about comfort and purpose and, only after that, you can consider the design and style. And we couldn’t agree more!

As you will see soon, their interior design projects combine a simple but also futuristic perspective blended with shapes and geometry where colours, patterns and textures make a scene that is memorable and artsy.

Interior design has its role in people’s lives and can manipulate them to live functionally – always having in mind the aesthetic – for an easier path to the life of their dreams. This way, each detail of the design has its character and purpose of the client’s lifestyle. When combined, a magical show is revealed, and everyone looks especially happy.

Following this point of view, BIANCOEBIANCA plays also with the psychology of colours to create an eye-pleasing space.

“By combining colours, patterns and textures in a functional way we create spaces for our clients” – Elie Kamel

This interior design studio has the most inspiring interiors we have ever seen, and it was difficult to choose just one. However, as we had to choose, we bring you this lovely penthouse that is not only well-designed by also liveable – a truly dreamy, cosy sanctuary for those who live in it.

This residential interior design project is a little soberer than the others. However, perfectly represents the creativity of BIANCOEBIANCA and it is our favourite design. Seems like every element has been born to be in the place it is in, don’t you agree?

Textures and patterns are integrated with a mix of a neutral colour palette that contrasts with some vivid colours.

A simple but beautiful architecture follows the integrated textures and patterns found on the furniture, walls, and floor which together create an elegant, sophisticated interior.

The office offers the perfect amount of modernity, not only to mention that it has enough storage for its purpose. Its brown shades combined with grey and other different colours make the space even more special. We all would love to work in it, right?

Combining a living area with a dining area, the open space looks even more perfect. The living room sets the mood, especially for the modern sofa that provides the wow factor with every living room needs. The centre table has the same design as the dining table, creating consistency within the design.

Sometimes less is more, and this minimalistic penthouse shows us exactly that. Splashes of colours in a neutral ambience are the formula for stylish interiors that melts our hearts.

Feels like this room has its personality for its unique and unprecedented things that inspire us to create lasting memories in it. With bright and warm colours, plain and textured details, this interior design project tells us exactly how to blend modernism and the glamorous appeal of the furniture selection.

A penthouse that feels effortlessly calming and gorgeous.


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