Blending Optimism in Impacting Interiors With Fenix Renovations

The teenage girl that watched eagerly the renovation process of home renovation shows is nowadays one inspiring interior designer and, luckily, our client. And she is the subject of today’s article.

Feeling the urge of creating and designing without limits, Enas Odeh decided to bring to life her dream job: Fenix Renovations – an interior design studio based in Doha, Qatar, with a refined signature style that cannot go unnoticed.

Optimism gained a new meaning when we met Enas. She has a special ability of emanating optimism in everything she does, and we are so lucky to be working with someone so interesting. Everything is easier and the world looks even more beautiful when we have people like her by our side and we are sure you will see why.

Enas is unique. She finds opportunities in different spaces and inspiration during different moments of life: during a walk in the nature or a travel to another country, but also in abandoned spaces. Curious, don’t you agree? We know. Enas is surprising.

This interior designer loves people that are ready to accept the challenge of bringing something new to the table – it is a matter of uniqueness and Enas, surely, nails it:

“Designing is not about following a trend, or how other fellows have done in their own space. It is your space, your world, as interiors reflects our personalities, and each individual has his own, there comes your own edition”

Every project is a reason to be proud of, it does not matter if the space is small or too large, too easy or too difficult to design. The final result looks always effortlessly flawless. And when someone makes the job look effortlessly good, you know that you are working with a good interior designer. However, to get this kind of impact on people’s life, it is important to have a detailed plan with the full requirements, requested materials and a budget set according to the client’s lifestyle but Enas is here to help you with everything you need.

Never following the tendencies of the industry, this professional has always in mind what the client is looking for. More than ever, she values the process, but the outcome is even more fulfilling: “Seeing how you change people’s lives is indescribable. The way the client feels how we managed to turn their spaces into something totally different is astonishing.”

Challenging moments are not as difficult as you think around Enas, neither when she had to balance her life between a job as an employee and setting her own firm. According to her, that is where the suspense comes and substance appears.

Enas is not only optimist but also mysterious: “my favorite quote of all times is: move in silence, only speak when it’s time to say checkmate”. She didn’t reveal too much about what she is doing at the moment, but we know that is a one-of-a-kind project which she started working on almost 2 years ago. Yes, you read it right! This project will be presented to the public in June.

Considering the surroundings of the project and its building, Enas always has the right wow-factor for you to level up your home decor in a refreshing way. And we are here to assist her with anything she needs.

“I always thought that Domkapa is about creating comfortable furniture, over the time I understood that it is creating comfort in all aspects. They make you feel like you are one of the team as soon as you wave Hello! The support, the follow up, and accurate schedules are impeccable.”

Side by side, we will always work for the success of this highly creative interior designer so you better start following Enas’ career because she will surprise you like no other.

Image Credits: Fenix Renovations


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