Classic Interior Design: A Reinterpretation Of Art

Classic style is catching the attention from interior design professionals all around the world. Thanks to its strong influences by classicism, from the seventeenth century, it was developed as a reinterpretation of art to the interior design world.

A classic interior design is perfect for the ones who are looking for something that is fine and sophisticated, rich in finishes and decorations while antique furniture and accessories are placed for a sensation of tradition and warmth. If you are one of the people that we described, we bring you a pocket-sized guide of classic’s basic elements so you can start your interior design today!

Well known for the lavish look it brings to noble spaces, classic style has become popular especially in Europe, for the prestige and splendour it brings to the interiors.

Here are the main elements of Classic style:

  • Adorned features on the architecture

You will be able to find several columns, friezes, and cornices on the architecture of the space; something that recalls for antiqueness.

If you have a simple architecture in the place you want to redecorate, you don’t have to worry. Keep up on the following tips and we will tell you more about how you can adopt this kind of style.

  • Symmetry and harmony: a formal language

In these kinds of interiors, it is common to see furniture and decorative elements arranged in a symmetric way to be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious. It uses a formal language for a design that is consistent and proportional for the special grandeur of its ancients.

Symmetry and harmony will help you find your way to a welcoming vibe and a creation of balance (who doesn’t love a balanced interior?).

  • Noble materials

We couldn’t miss this one as it is one of the main principles of this style: noble and high-quality materials. We don’t get tired of saying how high-quality materials are important for interior design and, for this kind of style, you need to take this seriously.

Try to use materials such as oak, slate, ceramic, and marble with golden and silver accents.

  • Classic lighting

Lighting can be an essential component of any home’s design, as it needs to be inviting and, at the same time, feel like it was made for the decor.

When it comes to classic style, it oversteps the idea of lighting (and how it should be) so it is recurrent to find something more formal and ornate. The design is still thoughtful yet traditional. Classical lighting is a marvellous option for those who are looking for a cosy atmosphere in their home.

Do you think that classic is your kind of style? If that isn’t the case, check our Interior Design Style Series and find your favourite. We would love to know yours!

Images’ Source: Architectural Digest / Design by: Timothy Corrigan | Featured Image: Architectural Digest / Design by: Allan Greenberg & Elissa Cullman

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