Craftsmanship Is The Way To Go!

Craftsmanship comes from passion, from detail, from the motivation of giving our best in every product we make with our own hands.

When it comes to furniture, we all know that buying handcrafted furniture is the solution for every single interior design project, for its high-quality and keen for detail. But have you ever deep-thought about what makes it so special and what you can take advantage from this concept?

Today we will let you know a few other reasons of why you should supporting craftsmanship as much as we do:

1 | Boosting economy

A brand that has its own unit of production supplied by small companies can boost the entire regional and national economy.

Domkapa’s production team is made with local craftsmen and when you order from Domkapa, you will not only boosting Portuguese economy and giving them confidence to develop their skills. After all, today we want to be better that we were yesterday!

2 | Each product is unique

We all are human, and we all make mistakes, right? That means that when the products are handcrafted, you will find unique differences that will make them special – small differences that no one notices at first sight. No one will have the exact same item and your client will have more to discover every day about their home.

3 | More customization options

As the products are not produced by machines, the production can customize your products more easily because the production process can be interrupted and changed whenever it is necessary. This way, you will have much more customization possibilities.

However, keep in mind that this point doesn’t mean that you can customize all products however your client wishes. All materials and finishes have their own characteristics and may not adapt to the piece’s structure.

All our customization possibilities can be found on our sample box, where you can find all our high-quality materials and catalogue for you to finish your projects on time. You can also search for the customization pieces of each product on its page.

4 | A Story Behind

Each product has its own story from the person who crafts it – a real person. Our production team puts a lot of time and effort to make something that is unique and will stand the test of time.

After you place an order of a handcrafted product, you will give continuity to the beautiful story behind the product.

5 | Tradition

Preferring handcrafted products is just not all about the product. It is about the essence, the tradition of making something with real people, it is about giving the chance to keep the tradition that made us be where we are now, that helps us to pass these skills to the next generation and keep craft alive.

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