Creating Light And Shade In A Spanish Villa

If you’re looking for an interior design studio that doesn’t simply respond to your briefing, we got you: run to The Treehouse Interiors.

Image Credits: The Treehouse Interiors

The Treehouse Interiors is an interior design studio based in the United Kingdom that works closely with its clients exceeding expectations through a deep research about your taste, ideas, and aspirations

Founded in 2000 by Stephen Hodgkinson and Philip Martinson this interior design studio gained clients all over the United Kingdom and Europe because of its classic contemporary approach.

From the first step to the last one, you will have a personalized and specialized interior design service like no other with moodboards, samples, visualizations… Everything you need to create an individual interior!

Working meticulously to provide a service that allows enjoying seeing your project scheme brought to life, The Treehouse Interiors offers not only interior design service but it is a marvelous inspiration for us and that’s why we bring you this lovely Spanish Villa. Ready?

The Spanish Villa

This interior design project was brought by a loyal customer. The Treehouse Interiors designed his beautiful London residence and he trusted in this studio to do it again, in his special Spanish Villa. And the final result is amazing, don’t you agree?

From the living room to the bedrooms, they know how you balance perfect color palettes and comforting curves in order to provide an exclusive space.


Image Credits: The Treehouse Interiors

Starting with the living room, a beautiful combination between light and shade magnifies the modern architecture of the room. Choosing a fireplace is the perfect example of how to bring coziness into the room. This way, you can find a uniformized classic contemporary approach – the signature style of The Treehouse Interiors.

Image Credits: The Treehouse Interiors

Taís Sofa


This living room is inspiring, right? And Taís Sofa will help you to bring some of the magic tricks of this place into your home. 

Do you want to know why? Well, Taís Sofa holds a charming identity that allows composing the perfect living room set.

It is available in three different versions (two-seater, three-seater, and chaise longue) in order to fit in any space of your desire. As a demonstration of extraordinary seaming details, the Taís Sofa stands out thanks to its spider feet legs in stainless steel and a structure made of natural leather Desna Polvere


The living room is connected with the dining space for an open sociable flow providing the wow-factor to the place. 

Blue-toned dining chairs incorporated with a dining table made of wood were responsible for a feeling of sophistication. The furniture selection and even the art placed on the walls that were chosen for this dining room seems to have a function of homage to nature and how brilliant it is. Also the wide-open windows and classic lighting range were a must for this project.

Image Credits: The Treehouse Interiors

Gram chair


Gram Chair would do the job perfectly in this dining room thanks to its geometrical shapes created with the finest materials and finishes, as you can always expect from Domkapa. To ensure you have a pleasant experience, an upholstered back and seat are featured, and you can customize in materials and finishes to fit your residential or contract project.


A dedicated team of professionals brought to life this beautiful bedroom with perfect neutral tones, giving a sensation of calm. 

This stylish personal oasis turns has a modern aesthetic for a chic lookthe perfect royal treatment for the client. A special bedroom design with contemporary elements makes this space a timeless one.

Image Credits: The Treehouse Interiors

Helen bed


And we are here to help you to transform your space into a cozy calming bedroom. Here’s how: with Helen Bed.

Here’s an option that will take your interior design project to another level. Helen Bed’s exclusive design will make you feel on the clouds with its upholstered structure and headboard

Two small horizontal piping lines are stitched along the headboard, setting the tone for moments of coziness. Slightly elevated from the ground, Helen is available in various sizes to satisfy your project needs.

This interior design project made us feel inspired and amazed by The Treehouse Interiors’ identity so get ready for more inspiration soon. 

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