Design Your Living Room Flawlessly

Are you working on a living room design project and don’t know how to start? We got your back! This is a living room guide for you to make sure you don’t miss anything when it comes to interior design. Let us show you how you can bring to life the perfect interior:

1.Who is the owner?

The living room design will not be used by an interior designer or architect but by its owner. To reach success, you need to get to know the owner.

  • How is his lifestyle?
  • What does he like?
  • How is he going to use the room?
  • What are the main attributes of his personality?

A living room should always reflect the owner’s personality and lifestyle. It must attend to his needs and his taste, so you should have in count the answers to these basic questions. Understand how he wants to live in his own home.

2.Find inspiration

By now, you already know how you can help your customer in the best way – what he needs from you. With the information you gathered above, you can now find other spaces that can give you some ideas to inspire you. This step will help your ideas flow.

Interior design inspirations are all over the internet. However, you need to learn to prioritize them and understand which ones are the most effective ones. Domkapa works every day to offer you not only functional solutions but also inspirational content that you can find not only on our social media but also on our blog.

3.Do your research

If you are an interior designer, you are probably used to this step and you already have some furniture catalogues from the brands you use to work with, right?

When it comes to furniture, go for the ones that are functional and comfortable. However, keep in mind the brands that offer several customization options. This way, you will have much more alternatives to show to your client.

These brands must work with high-quality materials so the furniture can look new every day. To turn your living room even more special, a selection of handcrafted products is the way to go – you want to know why? Well, each product is unique, and you will support the local economy, giving to the brands the possibility to reinvest in their business. You can expect an article about this soon.

Luckily, with Domkapa, you have them all: all our products are made by hand, with high-quality materials. We have all the professional tools for you to decide and you can expect nothing but professional, friendly customer service from our sales team (they are AMAZING!).

The best of all: our pieces can fit in any style and room! We will leave you with a sneak peek:

4.Build a mood board

By this time, you already have an idea of which pieces you are using and how do you want to use them, right? Bring together all those ideas to paper and build a mood board with all the information about the interior.

Along with the chosen furniture, this mood board needs to gather the following aspects:

    • Colour palette;
    • Walls and floor;
    • Lighting;
    • Accessories;
    • Decorative Items.

These tips will help you if you aim for a cosy ambience with functional pieces. Remember that the living room is one of the places where we spend most of our time so it needs to be designed with care, having always in mind a lifestyle and how can a design can say about the owner. If you ever need help finding the perfect furniture pieces for your interior design projects, our sales team is always available to assist you.

We are building an interior design series to support you in whatever you need. It is the ultimate design guide to follow you during the process of your work. Let us know if there is anything you would like us to talk about it! Your feedback is important.


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