Diane Berry Kitchens & The Beating Heart Of A Home

We cannot describe the amount of pride we feel every time we get the chance of getting to know more about the business of our clients. It is like an adventure through the unknown, where the final path is something inspiring that works as a motivational tool for our own designs. Every e-mail, every phone call and every meeting matters to boost the way we want to become better – especially for them.

And this is the reason we decided to launch the Inspiring Design Professionals Series: to show you that our clients are the best in what they do, to show you their personal perspective and how inspiring they are.

If you are thinking that this article is about one more excellent professional, you are right. The conversation with this one was even better than we expected, and we are excited to show it to you! Ready? Meet the exceptional Diane Berry, from Diane Berry Kitchens.

Starting from the golden days, Diane Berry grew, along with five sisters and a brother, seeing her father working on many building sites. Being present is also a way to learn and Diane enjoyed this experience as much as she could. That is when her passion for design started to rise.

“I have five sisters and a brother and as my passions for all things design grew, I realised how amazing my father was as he managed to get our home organised with a place for everything, not easy with 7 women in the house even our family dog was a female!”

After several years of experience through design, in 2002, Diane decided to open her business from a caring and passionate place, where nothing is better than quality and service – the moment when Diane Berry Kitchens was born.

Her passion is people and how they can enhance their lifestyle. And this approach is not only meant for her clients but also for her employees. Diane faced a boss that didn’t care about her wellness in her most challenging time, which made her into someone that is thoughtful and considerate. She loves not only happy clients but also a happy team: “I love hearing laughter from my team as they work so very hard to meet the exacting standards, we set ourselves. So having time to laugh is important to maintain good mental health.”

Learning and searching for inspiration is never enough with this interior designer. She always finds new ideas at trade shows, on the internet or even in her holidays – hotels and cruise ships have always new conceptions and details to be inspired by.

When starting a new project, safety comes first: “Important factors when designing a kitchen is safety this is usually the bit, I do without clients realising that is my focus as it just isn’t sexy! So, ergonomics first, functionality, then the fun begins with styling, materials, and comfort. I love working on great lighting and ensuring the acoustics work well and that it has great ventilation too.”

Nowadays, Diane has almost forty projects ongoing and, usually, installs around 70 luxury kitchens a year. With an always moving forward attitude and building trust with her clients, Diane had the possibility to help young couples in their first home and even footballers looking for some glamour – everyone can count on her to get the perfect kitchen according to your lifestyle and needs. For this reason, design trends have a minimum impact. After all, “following a trend can mean you go out of your comfort zone too much and lose longevity.”

Diane Berry revolutionized the kitchen design industry and we are so delighted with her work! Thank you, Diane, for trusting in Domkapa. It’s a pleasure to follow your talent closely.

“We work with some amazing suppliers, and these help us meet the standards we strive for, Domkapa were a perfect fit for us as they provided a great luxury product, on time, without hassle. We see them as part of our portfolio now and wouldn’t hesitate to specify them again, we are a happy purchaser with client who love their stools and chairs. What more can we ask for.”

Which project from this beautiful designer from United Kingdom is your favourite? Let us know through the e-mail [email protected]. And if you are in love with her work as much as we do, this is your sign to follow her work.

Images Credits: Diane Berry Kitchens


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