Get Ready For Spring: Trends For A Fresh Design

Get Ready For Spring: Trends For A Fresh Design

Interior design always requires a think about aesthetics which vary from season to season. But, whatever the season and weather, you may start in some winter days and fall into spring trends, so why not try these trends for 2022?

Let’s look at what interior decor trends are expected to dominate in this year’s spring.

Natural Elements

Bringing natural elements is one of the easiest ways to bring warmth to every space in spring. It will help you to incorporate your style with the home decor. It’s up to you: from wood to brick, natural elements have the ability to make everyone feel welcome.

One of the great advantages of natural elements is the possibility to give a chance to sustainability and recycling, especially if you’re thinking of providing another functionality to old furniture.

The use of other design elements such as plants or flowers is another option you have. And you don’t have to use artificial ones; the best solution is really low maintenance plants, like cactus.

And the cheapest natural element you can have is natural lighting. Bringing your outdoors in is the best way for you to be connected with mother nature.

Color Playground

As you may know, the use of neutral color schemes is very popular nowadays but spring is all about color and playful conceptions so try to mix them with strong colors and you will cheer up any room.

You will find thousands of colorful inspirations that will immediately put you in a better mood and brighten up your spaces.

Curved Shapes

The increased use of subtle curved shapes has something fabulous when it comes to interior design. We just love to see curved furniture in interior design projects so why not provide a good-looking touch to your space?

People are spending more time in their homes so aesthetics is one of the most important characteristics we should have in mind while designing a room; of course, along with comfort. And you know Domkapa is an expert in comfort, right?

Stylish Outdoor

Take a step away from reality and create an outdoor space for you to relax and spend a good day with family and friends. That’s right: this is the sign for you to finally start to design your dream garden or even a space where you can enjoy an outdoor cinema!

Luckily, Domkapa has a special collection of outdoor furniture for a warm atmosphere: Bondi & Copacabana. This collection has a welcoming vibe and the best: the steel structure won’t oxidize, colors are treated to withstand the sun and the aesthetic is as strong as creativity allows.

Divided by modules, you can give wings to your creativity and create a beautiful, elegant outdoor.

Spring is all about colorful themes, it turns every space into a beautiful one and these spring trends are the game changers for you to provide a fresh restart to your interior design projects.

Don’t be afraid to play around and test your creativity with these tips. We want to see the final result!

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